Intestine Exercise

Monday is usually intestine exercise day at the DahnĀ  Yoga center in which I work. Intestine exercises are a little strange for people at first. I have grown to love them. You can do them anywhere at anytime. To do them you move the muscles of your lower abdomen toward your back, as if there was a string attached to your navel pulling it back. Then you push the muscles out as far as you can. It is like giving your abdomen a massage and can help conditions such as shoulder tension, coldness in your abdomen, and constipation. Try them and share your experience here!

3 thoughts on “Intestine Exercise”

  1. intestine exercise was my very first experience that brought me a vivid result … better skin. better digestion..

  2. This week I had a friend visit from the mainland. She is very active and “strong” but not at all flexible and she is usually constipated (especially after a 13 hour flight). I taught her about Dahn-jon tapping, body tapping, toe tapping, and basic breathing and stretching. Then I took her to the center for a class.

    She leaves today, but she had such a good experience here that she will continue to do exercises. When she gets home she will look into locations of centers…she travels alot.

    Dahn Yoga is not limited to just a few special people. It is for everyone who wants to make a differnce in themselves, family, friends,etc. I love when I can share with my friends things that I have learned here. I love to see them smile and say “this feels good”.

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