Dahnshim and Dahnjon

Dahn Yoga members learn and exercise about Dahnshim and Dahnjon.

Dahnshim is the mentality that follows decisions made to the end. To have Dahnshim, Dahnjon (a lower energy center)must be revived. Even if you make choose vision with a revitalized heart, it is hard to keep your choice and act if you are affected by surrounding energy or your habitual energy. The extreme power that can protect your own energy frequency from effects of surrounding energies comes from the power of lower Dahnjon.  Of course, it will be difficult if your own energy is dark and negative. As a result, order is important.

To increase the power of Dahnjon, they do practice such as Jungchoong breathing, Energy walking(JangSeng wakling) and Brain wave vibration,… Everything is very easy to follow. It needs just a simple choice. Good Luck to you.

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