Cathy Downie and Dahn Yoga for MS

Here is a sharing from Cathy Downie about her work teaching Dahn Yoga to people with Multiple Schlerosis. This DVD “Dahn Yoga for MS” has now been released. Here is what Cathy has been up to lately.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Myself, one of my MS Members and Cecile Kehoe, my friend and fellow Dahn Healer have put together an over 500 data base of doctors in Arizona and MS Members for invitations that were mailed out last week for MS DVD Release Party at Glendale Community College on October 13, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. I have heard that Channel 3 is going to try and attend. I was given an award for the MS Outreach Project at the capsule training. Last night I was given another award up in Sedona along with 4 other healers for outreach. The MS Outreach Project had overwhelming response from the healers at the YEHA Healers Festival. Many approached me to express their vision to extend the MS Outreach Project in their region. One of my MS Members and his fiance attended to watch the award ceremony. They could not believe the energy in the room. I have been overwhelmed by the momentum of this project. Local venders are donating prizes for the party. The DVD is something that I am so proud to say I have been blessed to be a part of with my MS Members. The DVD calls it a labor of love and that is so true. We cannot thank the Dahn Foundation, Best Media, Healing Society, Dawn Quaresima, and all who have supported this project.
The MS Members have been writing testimonials. Part of one of these testimonials is as follows:

“. . . I had never met a group of individuals who shared the common goal of improving their lives as those of us in Cathy’s class. They share my attitude. ‘I will not go quietly.’ Words taken from a song that just rang true to me. We come in every form – from the walking wounded to the wheelchair-bound. . . . Our group takes pride in learning to help themselves grow through our active participation in Dahn Yoga aimed at striving towards our personal best.”

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  1. It’s great. Healing ourself and others are not different. She is experiencing and sharing it. Our society needs this kind of good news. Thank you so much.

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