Ilchi Lee’s New Movement for the Earth

Because of their concern about health and peace on the earth, Ilchi Lee and the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) have begun a new movement called the Earth Citizen Movement. Their first project is the “One Dollar Project to Save the Earth.” It invites everyone to donate $1 a month, or just $12 a year to a fund that will be given to the United Nations.

$1 EnlightenmentThe first United Nations cause, based on its New Millenium Development Goals, is UNICEF’s “Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission” (PMTCT). Along with treatment of HIV, PMTCT’s education and empowerment program can virtually prevent HIV transmission, especially from mother to child. It provides educational support for vocation and mental health, generating hope and motivation for a way of living that can change our future (

If everybody who feels responsible for improving the Earth and humanity participates, projects that benefit health, education, livelihoods, and the environment could have a huge impact on billions of people and our planet’s ability to support them. Each dollar donated indicates a person’s willingness to take responsibility for the Earth. Besides the single dollars making a difference, it is the intention, sense of ownership, and spirit of peace that go with it that are truly significant.

The Earth is the common foundation for our life, and all human beings depend on each other for the continuity of their life. Although this may seem obvious, conflict, cruelty, struggle, poverty and violence persist. Currently, even the Earth’s ability to support life, especially the human species, is severely threatened.

No one on the Earth is a stranger to these pressing problems. The problems linger and worsen, not because of too little information about them, but the lack of a sense of ownership. National democracies developed because of the maturing of a sense of citizenship. Now resolving global issues and realizing a peaceful human community require the emergence of Earth Citizens.

Earth Citizens are people who have a mature sense of guardianship over our precious planet. By realizing that the Earth is the core of their true identity, they are willing to take on unlimited responsibility for a healthy Earth community. This philosophy is the essence of the Earth Citizen Movement.