Circulating Energy with Dahn Yoga–Healing Knee Arthritis

Knee BendA man in his 20s was brought to a Chicago Dahn Yoga center by his mother, who was already attending classes there, in hope that it would help the arthritis in his knees. At first, the center manager, David Driscoll, just did one individual Brain Wave Vibration session with him. During the session, the energy in the young man’s knees began to circulate. Right away his knees began to feel better, so he signed up for a series of private healing sessions. Through these sessions and the home practice he has been given, his arthritis has been improving a lot. His mother shared that for the first time her son is excited and active and proactively healing himself.

This story tells of one of the many small miracles happening in Dahn Yoga centers around the world.

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  1. So this article seems to prove that Dahn’s unlicensed managers are offering medical advice. I’m curious whether this supposed man sought out real medical advice before going to the con artists at Dahn Yoga?

  2. I think it’s interesting that you got that from this article. It’s generally known that exercise is good for people with arthritis, and that taking a hand in your own treatment, regardless of the illness or treatment, is empowering. Do you think that all alternative health modalities are nonsense and come from con artists?

    Just one example from (granted not a medical journal, but not a scam either, and an unrelated site)

    If you have arthritis, exercise is essential. For anyone, exercise:

    increases energy levels
    helps develop a better sleep pattern
    helps with weight control
    maintains a healthy heart
    increases bone and muscle strength
    decreases depression and fatigue
    serves to improve self-esteem and self-confidence
    Exercise is important for healthy joints. Moving your joints daily helps keep them fully mobile. Strengthening the surrounding muscles helps support the joints. Also, joint movement transports nutrients and waste products to and from the cartilage, the material which protects and cushions the ends of the bones.

    Exercise And Arthritis – Types of Exercise

    There are different types of exercise and it’s important for you to understand why each is important.

    1. Range-of-motion Exercises

    Range-of-motion exercises are gentle stretching exercises that aim to move each joint through their normal maximum range of motion. These exercises need to be done daily to help keep joints fully mobile and prevent stiffness and deformities.

    Here are some exercise options that tend to work well for people with arthritis:

    – Walking can be an excellent exercise choice. Walking helps build strength and maintain joint flexibility, aids in bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

    – Tai Chi is a gentle martial arts exercise with origins in ancient China. While performing fluid and flowing circular movements, you can relax, maintain mobility, and improve range of motion.

    – Yoga can provide pain relief, relax stiff muscles, and ease sore joints. With controlled movements, pressures, stretches and deep breathing relaxation, yoga can improve range of motion. Use caution when disease activity is flaring and avoid excess torque or pressure on the joints.

    – Warm water exercise is an excellent way to build up strength, ease stiff joints, and relax sore muscles. The water helps support the body while the joints are moved through their full range of motion.

    – Bicycling / Cycling, both indoor and outdoor, may provide a good low impact exercise option. Cycling as an exercise, can be either freestanding or stationary. Cycling equipment can be adjusted and adapted for many physical limitations.

    – Running / Jogging may still be a good exercise option if you run on softer surfaces. Walking or more gentle forms of exercise may be a better option though, if you already have arthritis in your lower extremities. Contrary to popular belief, running does not cause osteoarthritis in people who have with normal, uninjured knees.

  3. You know you’re doing something right when your body feels good without expensive medication or accessories. It’s not just exercise, it’s the right kind of exercise that leads to improvements and lasting results, and since I also practice Dahn Yoga myself and have learned how to heal my chronic headaches without medicine, I certainly vouch for it! Way to go!

  4. I pretty much got rid of most of my arthritis pain and stiffness through alternative medicines (foods) and Dahn Yoga exercises. At 67 I now teach two classes a week in a place in Delaware.

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