Dahn Yoga Basics

Dahn Yoga is a holistic system that is simple, intuitive and ultimately rewarding. Yoga is generally considered a practice to unify all aspects of the self. Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea. Dahn Yoga basics combine meridian stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation in a simple and easy to learn format.

Most Dahn Yoga basics can be performed either indoors or outside, as long as the temperature is moderate and the environment relaxing. Typically, a practitioner will wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Oftentimes a long white vestment made of natural fibers—called a DoBok—works best. Shoes are generally not worn during meditation.

“Dahn” means “energy” and Dahn Yoga basics are distinguished by techniques which help the practitioner understand and develop sensitivity to Ki (energy). Ki, the energy that pervades and binds all thing, is also that which connects the body and mind.

Learning Dahn Yoga basics is an exploration that may take multiple sessions, since maximizing its potential involves relaxing and letting go of everyday stress. With practice, the basics of Dahn Yoga may be pursued to their logical endpoint—a union or oneness of mind and matter, which takes as its bond the gentle energy vibrating within each of us.

7 thoughts on “Dahn Yoga Basics”

  1. You can go to class as much as you want here. That kind of flexability really works for me. I love it.

  2. What I really love is that Dahn Yoga really is very basic and simple! But I understand also why I have so much blockages and pains in my body, which makes it feel harder than it actually is. I’m so happy that I’ve improved so much! Everyone should do it!

  3. Dahn Yoga has change my life,as an artist, foreign in Usa this type of yoga has helped me improve my creativity, to feel good about myself, making friends, my health is amazing and run efficiently. I dont want to come to my country so I decided to stay and continue practicing yoga!!!!!

  4. I teach a morning and an evening class in an over 55 community and they love the stretching and attend class very regularly. We have fun together.

  5. My level of energy is better and better all the time through theses classes. Everyone should give it a try!

  6. After practicing Dahn Yoga for just over 1 year I am healthier, happier, more creative, less stressed out and more energetic.

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