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Mindfulness meditation, yoga may help schoolchildren relax

Virtually any lifestyle can cause anxiety, which is one reason that Dahn Yoga teaches stress relief techniques to individuals of all ages. Imparting to children the importance of a holistic mind-body regimen may be able to help them shake off the tension accumulated at school.

A study conducted by a registered nurse at Boston College recently determined that mindfulness meditation and yoga had a positive effect on the stress levels of fourth- and fifth-grade public school students.

The research, which appears in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care, indicated that after taking just one hour of the regimen each week for two months, participants reported improved self-esteem, self-regulation and a moderately better ability to cope with anxiety.

The study concluded that these findings warrant further investigation into the healing and soothing powers of yoga and guided contemplation.

Depending on a child’s daily schedule, his or her life may be brimming with academic responsibilities, social interactions and familial obligations. Such activity may require the gentle interventions of Dahn Yoga.

Nationwide, dozens of Dahn Yoga community centers offer classes for children, adolescents, adults and whole families.