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Thoughtcontrol by a Positive Attitude

When a doubt arises, Whether there is God or not, whether I will succeed in Self-realization or not, it must be dispelled by well-directed suggestions and affirmations such as It is true I will succeed. There is no doubt of this. In my dictionary, in my vocabulary, there are no such words, as 'can't', 'impossible', 'difficult', etc. Every thing is possible under the sun. Nothing is difficult when you strongly make up your mind. Strong determination and firm resolution will bring sanguine success in every affair or undertaking, and particularly so in the conquest of mind.

Working through menopause

Regular Yoga practice can help alleviate the physiological side effects of menopause, especially if you start a few years before its onset, and help you cultivate a forgiving, accepting, and positive attitude important for your emotional well-being. Inversions (see Chapter 10), which have a profound effect on the glands and inner organs and literally and figuratively allow you to view things from a new perspective, are especially helpful. For soothing rest and whole-person recovery, we particularly recommend that you cultivate the corpse posture we describe in Chapter 15. Just give your body a chance to rebalance its chemistry.

The Spiritual Principles

The Ego is in a transition stage of consciousness, and the struggle is quite painful at times, but the growing man in time rises above the attraction of the lower nature, and dawning Spiritual Consciousness enables him to understand the true state of affairs, and aids him in asserting his mastery over the lower self and in assuming a positive attitude toward it, while at the same time he opens himself up to the light from the Spiritual Mind and holds himself in a negative attitude toward it, resisting not its power.

Special Workout for Expecting Mothers

The exercises we present here are designed to help prepare pregnant women for labor and condition them mentally and emotionally for giving birth. Even if you walk for only a few minutes every day and adopt the breathing and mindfulness techniques you find in this book (see Chapters 4 and 5), you'll feel and look your best during and after your pregnancy. The yoga-with-weights exercises in this chapter help strengthen your back, make you comfortable while you're pregnant, and prepare your pelvic floor for a healthy delivery when the time comes to give birth. Use the last exercise as an affirmation to plant the seeds of well-being and make yours a joyous childbirth.

Chapter Asana Or Posture

How does Asana help one in meditation The relation between the individual and the universal has to be brought to mind in this connection. There is an organic tie between the individual and its environment, and the purpose of Yoga is to rouse to consciousness this inherent harmony. This is to be brought about in successive stages. Whatever one is, and whatever one has, should be set in tune with the universal. This is Yoga, ultimately. When the personal individuality is attuned to universal being, it is the condition of Yoga. The individual begins with the body, but there are many things within the body, as there are in the physical cosmos. There are Prana, senses, mind, intellect, etc., encased in the body. All these things within have to be in gradual union with the universal. The mind cannot be so attuned when the body is in revolt. Yoga requires union of everything in the personality with the universal. Asana is the initial step in Yoga, whereby the bodily structure is set in...

Looking at some meditation techniques

Choose a positive-affirmation word that works for you you may want to choose peace, harmony, or well-being, for example. Silently, hearing only the inner voice of your mind, repeat the word internally again and again as you breathe in and out. Feel your brain embracing the positive influence, vibration, and nature of the word.

Psychic Influence

We have spoken of this matter in Science of Breath, under the title of Soul Consciousness, on page 70. In the same book, on page 61, under the title Forming an Aura, we have hinted at a plan whereby weak and fearful persons may protect themselves while they are building up a sure foundation of self-confidence and strength. The affirmation or mantram which has proven of more benefit than any other in these cases is the positive assertion of I AM, which expresses a truth and tends to a mental attitude which is taken up by the Instinctive Mind and renders it more positive to others, and less liable to be affected by suggestions, etc. The mental attitude expressed by I AM will surround you with a thought aura, which will act as a shield and a protection, until such time as you have fully acquired the higher consciousness, which carries with it a sense of self confidence and assurance of strength.

Slowly exhaling to a count of four gently and smoothly return to the starting position see Figure a

Ending meditation Divine Mother Affirmation The purpose of the Divine Mother Affirmation is to center you and to teach you how to relax and calm your mind on your own. You're talking to yourself in a good way like a coach sending the right message to be well and in harmony with it all. This practice isn't as much an exercise as it is a quiet meditation designed for expectant mothers. You need three folded up blankets for this exercise. When you're ready, follow these steps to do the Divine Mother Affirmation

Subconscious Character Building

In the word ideal is found the secret of the Yogi method of sub-conscious character building. The teachings are to the effect that ideals may be built up by the bestowal of attention upon them. The student is given the example of a rose bush. He is taught that the plant will grow and flourish in the measure that care and attention is bestowed upon it and vice versa. He is taught that the ideal of some desired characteristic is a mental rosebush, and that by careful attention it will grow and put forth leaves and flowers. He is then given some minor mental trait to develop, and is taught to dwell upon it in thought--to exercise his imagination and to mentally see himself attaining the desired quality. He is given mantrams or affirmation to repeat, for the purpose of giving him a mental center around which to build an ideal. There is a mighty power in words, used in this way, providing that the user always thinks of the meaning of the words, and makes a mental picture of the quality...

Chapter Depth Psychology

Another result which spontaneously follows from Avidya is Asmita or the sense of being. This sense is the consciousness of one's individuality and personality, the ego, Ahamkara, or self-affirmation. Forgetfulness of universality ends in an assertion of individuality. The wrong notion that the individual is organically separated from the universe and the consequent self-assertion (Asmita), the bifurcating attitude of likes and dislikes in regard to things (Raga-Dvesha) and a longing to preserve one's body by all means (Abhinivesa) are the graduated effects of Avidya, which follow from it in a logical sequence. We do not know Universal Being. We know only the particular and the individual. We love and hate objects. We cling to life and fear death. The first mistake is to think, 'I am not the Universal' the second to affirm, 'I am the particular' the third to like certain things and to dislike others the fourth to strive for perpetuating individuality by the instinct for...

Hypnosis And Suggestion

Hypnosis is a little-studied method of entering the phase. The idea is that a hypnotist is able to cause a person to enter the phase through suggestion or affirmation. There is no doubt that hypnosis is an interesting concept, especially for persons who easily yield to power of suggestion, but such individuals account for only 1 of the population.

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness

Above all, to attune oneself with higher levels of awareness. Two unique features of Ananda Yoga are (1) special Energization Exercises to recharge the body with energy and (2) the practice of silent affirmations while in the poses to consciously direct the subtle energies and raise one's level of awareness. Ananda Yoga is a relatively gentle, inward experience. While not a vigorous or athletic practice, it can be challenging on the inner levels.

Psychological Presuppositions

The intellect is associated with another principle within, called Ahamkara or ego. 'Aham' means 'I', and 'kara' is that which manifests, reveals or affirms. There is something in us, which affirms 'I am'. This affirmation is ego. No logic is necessary to prove the ego, for we do not prove our own existence. This is an affirmation which requires no evidence, for all logic proceeds from it. The ego is inseparable from individual intellection, like fire from its heat. The intellect and ego exist inextricably, and human intellection is the function of the human ego. The functions of the ego are manifold, and these form the subject of psychology.

The implications of Soham

It indicates the union of Shiva and Shakti, the merging of the individual with the cosmic or supreme consciousness. However, the reader should not worry too much about the meaning, unless he or she has had a deep transcendental experience. Any attempt to understand the meaning of Soham logically will lead to delusion. It can only be understood at an intuitive level. When a person understands its transcendental meaning, and only then, can it be used as a means of constant affirmation and remembrance. This will maintain a steady flow of dhyana.

Subconscious Influences

The most advanced student may occasionally forget that he is superior to the adverse influence of the race-thought, and other clouds of thought influence that happen to be in his neighborhood. When we think of how few there are who are sending forth the positive, hopeful, thought-waves, and how many are sending forth continually the thoughts of discouragement, fear, and despair, it is no wonder that at times there comes to us a feeling of discouragement, helplessness, and what's the use. But we must be ever alert, to stand up and deny these things out of existence so far as our personal thought world is concerned. There is a wonderful occult truth in the last sentence. We are the makers, preservers, and destroyers of our personal thought-world. We may bring into it that which we desire to appear we may keep there what we wish, cultivating, developing and unfolding the thought-forms that we desire we may destroy that which we wish to keep out. The I is the master of its thought-world....

Suggested Further Resources

We are living in the age in which we witness a tremendous amount of transformation taking place on all levels and in all areas of our lives. As result of it, we are undergoing incredible changes both without and within us which in turn creates stress for our body and mind. Yoga is one of the most effective means to combat the side-effects of fast living and balance the transformation which it carries. In order to live in harmony with the world and himself, every man should do his best to come in touch and reconnect with his body, mind, and the deeper, spiritual aspect of his being. The synthesis of proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation applied in daily life is a sine qua non for right, harmonious, and joyous living. Men who dedicate some amount of time in the application of these ancient yogic disciplines will certainly regain their health, will have the abundance of energy, and live happily. They will regain their...

Sivananda Yoga The Style

Typically, Sivananda Yoga is taught in several courses that progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Beginners Yoga, Part I, is a five-session class that focuses on proper exercise (basic yoga postures), proper breathing, and proper relaxation. Each class is 60 minutes in length. Instruction is continued in Beginners Yoga, Part 2, which teaches the rest of the basic yoga postures and exercises, and introduces the principles of proper diet, positive thinking, and meditation. This course is also a five-class series, with each class lasting 90 minutes. Additional classes are offered in intermediate and advanced yoga postures, as well as in meditation.

Acquiring Mental Qualities

Not only can the body be controlled by the mind under direction of the will, but the mind itself can be trained and cultivated by the exercise of the controlling will. This, which the Western world knows as Mental Science, etc., has proved to the West portions of that truth which the Yogi has known for ages. The mere calm demand of the Will will accomplish wonders in this direction, but if the mental exercise is accompanied by rhythmic breathing, the effect is greatly increased. Desirable qualities may be acquired by holding the proper mental image of what is desired during rhythmic breathing. Poise and Self Control, desirable qualities increased power, etc., may be acquired in this way. Undesirable qualities may be eliminated by cultivating the opposite qualities. Any or all the Mental Science exercises, treatments and affirmations may be used with the Yogi Rhythmic Breath. The following is a good general exercise for the acquirement and development of desirable mental qualities

Appendix C Chinese Five Element Theory

The Chinese observed that not every energy has the same quality. According to their respective qualities, they named the energies after the elements wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Human beings also have within themselves the qualities of wood, for example especially in the energy and or in the meridians of the liver and gallbladder, but also in thinking and feeling. If this energy is weak, it shows in the corresponding organs, and also in our thoughts and moods. When we practice the mudras and their corresponding meditation images and affirmations, there is a positive effect on the respective energy and therefore also at the mental-emotional

The Karma Busting Mantra

The most important thing that you have to understand is that you cannot use your human mind to change your life. Mentally, you can go on making affirmations, writing affirmations, making promises that I won't repeat this, I will change this, I won't repeat this behavior. But then you will find that you are in the same cloud, in the same place, in the same situation. Why is that Because of karma. Karma is the spell. Everyone is under a spell. In Sanskrit they have a word called samskara which means innate qualities or certain proclivities with which you arc born. That is the karma from a previous birth.

Mudras And Healing Emotional Problems

The accompanying affirmations promote a clear manner of expression, which is also a mental power. When a mudra is done with full Chronic bad moods of any type (aggression, depression, dissatisfaction, fear, etc.) can also be caused by weakened or even sick organs, digestive problems, blood pressure, pain, or other physical reasons. As you practice the mudras used for physical healing, these moods may be remedied to a large extent. Meditation, visualization, and affirmation all have a positive effect on the mental-emotional area. If you are attentive to this, you can watch how the positive changes of your mood tread softly as they slip into your life. You will be more content, serene, courageous, and cheerful. Just wait this is what will happen

Stand With Your Feet About 50 Cm Apart


You get to your forefinger, start at the little finger again. Each time you press your thumb, say an affirmation. An affirmation is a short, positive sentence affirming a reality that you would like to create for yourself. Below we have given you a few examples that fit with the key words belonging to the birch new beginnings, protection, innocence, and the joy of living. Affirmations influence your spirit and subconscious. They work best if they are done daily for a few minutes at a time. Doing them will make it easier for the reality you are affirming to manifest itself.

Chapter The Moral Restraints

The mind is to be brought to its source. Unfortunately, we cannot know where the mind is unless it starts working, like the thief whose presence is known from his activities. The outer problems are manifestations of the inner fivefold complexity. Ignorance is the first cause. But it is a negative cause when one is merely ignorant or stupid. Man does not stop with this acceptance. He wants to demonstrate his ignorance, and here is the root of all trouble. Affirmation of egoism is the first demonstration. When one wants others to yield to the demands of one's ego which goes counter to the egos of others, there is clash of personalities and interests, and this circumstance breeds unhappiness in family, in society, and in the world. Yoga makes an analysis of this situation. Avidya affirming itself as Ahamkara and clashing with others produces the context of Himsa or injury. As Himsa is an evil which begets social grief of different types, Ahimsa or non-injury is a virtue. Ahimsa is akin...

The Stress Connection

Cheri Clampett, who teaches yoga to people with HIV in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, suggests making adjustments to meet your daily needs. If you're having a good day, she recommends poses that build strength and sturdiness, such as Vrksa-sana (Tree Pose), and Sun Salutations modified to whatever pace feels comfortable. Often, along with the poses, I recommend affirmations like 'I can handle anything that comes my way.'

Meditation Letting Go of Fear Opening the Heart

Now take the time to witness what is present in your heart. Imagine that you are entering a closet that is full of all kinds of things that you've been putting in there during your entire life. Feel what fears and anxieties fill your heart area. Be aware of them. Don't judge them or criticize them. Just be aware of them. Realize that you don't need to hold on to these fears any longer, and let go of them. You don't need them. Say to them, I acknowledge and bless you, and release you. Be aware of how your heart center feels. Does it feel fuller, more open, and lighter Now be aware of what good things are being held in your heart closet. Are there positive qualities you've been developing all your life that are contained in your heart Compassion Generosity Respect for other people Acknowledge the life-affirming qualities of your heart center and bless them. Feel the love that fills your heart center. Let this love radiate out to your entire being so that you become a being of light,...

Opening Up to Experiences

(5) We also become aware of how our subconscious fears create our reality. This is why we need meditation and mantras. Mantras penetrate to the subconscious mind and clear the programs that we cannot consciously access. If we could, our naive affirmations would work. How many of us have repeated some form of I attract the perfect partner into my life , and then actually met our Romeo or Juliet Or repeated prosperity affirmations and won the lottery Life is not that simple. Life is a complex, rich and elegant game and hard work. Fortunately if we have the effective tools like Kundalini Yoga and meditation, life can also be fun, rewarding and empowering.

The accumulation of subconscious blockages

This illusory or contrived identity defines itself continuously in our daily thought patterns, through a kind of a self-talk just at and under the surface of our waking consciousness, constantly commenting on the events of our lives. There is a whole new psychology involved in simply changing this self-talk in order to change ones life, through planning, repeating and mentally imaging affirmations, called self-image psychology. This self-talk further influences the dreams we have related to the building of the identity around the mind's ongoing attempts to bring all these images and takes into a unified identity. This process all happens at what we call the subconscious level.

Conscious Awakening

Affirming desires Sometimes an internal intention is simply not enough for some people, or they are unable to properly affirm one by virtue of individual characteristics. In this case, an affirmation of desires should be introduced at the physical level. This could be in the form of a note with a description of a goal placed next to the bed, under one's pillow, or hung on the wall. It could be a conversation with friends or family about the particular desire, or by repeatedly vocalizing the actions that need to be performed upon awakening. It could even be an entry in a diary, blog, or texting on a mobile phone.

Exercise I

This exercise will focus the attention at the very centre of Being within oneself, and will gather in all the mental energies, instead of allowing them to be scattered upon outside things. A feeling of Peace, Strength, and Power will result, for the affirmation, and the thought back of it, is the most powerful and strongest that one may make, for it is a statement of Actual Being, and a turning of the thought inward to that truth. Let the mind first dwell upon the word I, identifying it with the Self, and then let it pass on to the word AM, which signifies Reality, and Being. Then combine the two with the meanings thereof, and the result a most powerful focusing of thought inward, and most potent Statement of Being.

Sivananda Yoga

Swami Sivananda, who was a medical doctor, yoga master and world spiritual teacher, created Sivananda Yoga. This type of Hatha Yoga consists of a series of twelve poses Headstand, Shoulderstand, Plow, Fish, Seated Forward Bend, Cobra, Locust, Bow, Spinal Twist, Crow, Standing Forward Bend and Triangle. Sivananda Yoga is based on five main principles proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation.

Imagine That

The ultimate Tantric bhavana is to imagine yourself as the incarnation of grandeur, the very form of God. The affirmations am the Absolute, I am That, I am Divine love itself are imaginative constructions, but they work because they encourage you to identify yourself with a higher truth, and then to feel how that affects your inner experience, your body, and your sense of self.

Mental Healing

Mental Healing covers a great deal of ground, and has a number of apparently differing forms. There is a form of Self-Healing which consists of the repetitions of affirmations, or auto-suggestions, by the patient, which tends to create a more cheerful and uplifting mental attitude, which reacts upon the body and enables it to function properly. We would say right here that the principal benefit derived from this and kindred forms of healing lies in the fact that it compels the patient to let go of adverse thoughts which have prevented Nature from doing its work, rather than in any special virtue of the affirmations.

Bhudi Mudra

Third (linking water to the Divine) and probably most important I consciously connect myself with the Divine, and take in its element with reverence and gratitude. Before I drink the water, I take the glass in both hands in front of my chest, speak my affirmation, and then remain in silence for a few moments. If you drink tap water, please inquire locally about the quality of your water. Affirmation Affirmation

Back Mudra

Intervertebral disks are optimally nourished once again and the metabolism operates in full swing again. Perhaps you can even do this exercise during your lunch break at the office. Then you can get through the entire day without pain. What you think while you do this is also very important, which is why the image and the affirmation are particularly significant in this position. Affirmation

Mudra Exercises

V JL other yoga exercises and put together a beneficial, meaningful series of exercises. I offer it as an additional approach, so you can use it, or not, in keeping with your needs. If yes, then slowly speak the affirmation given at the end of the exercise 1 to 3 times, either after or during the exercise, in your own breathing rhythm. You can consider this series of exercises to be preparation for meditation or you can practice them after meditation. Particularly when you have been sitting for a longer period of time, the exercises are an absolute relief. They can also be done separate from the meditation period in your morning or evening yoga ritual. Since the effect is considerably dependent upon the thoughts and feelings that come during the practice, I have included an affirmation with each exercise. Affirmation

Meaning of Soham

The meaning can be remembered continuously with the practice of ajapa as a method of affirmation. It is an excellent method for those people who have had a deep transcendental experience to help in maintaining that state of awareness. It is a method of intensifying identification. But other people need not associate any meaning with the Soham mantra. It is not necessary in order to bring results. It is the continuous remembrance and attentive-ness that is important.

Finishing asanas

Finishing Asanas

We practice yoga to go beyond our mind function, to expand our consciousness, to have a quieter inner dialogue, to feel peace and one pointedness. Practice leads us to unity of thoughts and actions, gives us a sense of cleansing the mind and provides us inner silence. It offers us guidance, creates non attachment, and insures better mental and physical health.

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