9. Inhale, keep the trunk straight, a feeling of being pulled from four directions, revolve hips open to right, arms out to sides looking over middle finger of left hand. Bend left knee, tuck pelvis, lift chest. Press back heel and outside of back foot into floor.

Drishti: tip of middle finger.

Hold for 5-8 breaths.

10. Inhale, come up, straighten legs, revolve around to other side, bend right knee over right ankle, Virabhadrasana B, right side 5-8 breaths.

11. Inhale, arms back up to Virabhadrasana A facing front, look up to thumbs.

12. Exhale, hands to floor on either side of right foot and jump back to Chaturanga.

13. Inhale, upward facing dog.

14. Exhale, downward dog.

15. Inhale, jump through to sitting, legs extended straight out.

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