Yoga Booty Challenge

Yoga Poses and Workouts

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How To Use This Manual 9

Introduction 20

The History of Ashtanga Yoga 11

Awakening The Fire Within 12

The Breath Of Life 13

Prana 14

Capturing Prana 15

• Uddiyana Bandha 16

• Jalandhara Bandha 17

Drishti 18

Cleansing And Purification :: Meltdown 19

Creating A Sacred Place 21

The Invocation 22

Asanas 23

Pranayama :: The Serpent Power 25

Your Practice :: Helpful Hints 27

Integration :: The Challenge 27

Sun Salutations :: The Dawning of a Ritual 28

Primary Series 32

Bibliography 78

About It's Yoga 79

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