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The finishing series has a two fold importance. The first aspect is to give us an opportunity to experience the effect of the practice we did. We feel an incredible level of awareness. Our spine is like an antenna at this point. It is able to receive the realization of truth beyond the realm of sensory perception as we work on memory, intuition, and imagination. We are ready to understand more clearly our nature and can put into action the forces and mysteries for our growth and development by synchronizing our inner and outer rhythms.

We are at the most perfect place to express our consciousness. It is a time to experience quietness and when we sit we start to see that we only perceive a little of reality.

The second aspect is to connect with the big picture. Where our conscious and unconscious are interweaving we see that yoga offers us a practice method to create a state of unification. We connect with our divine nature. The realization of the divine sets us free.

We practice yoga to go beyond our mind function, to expand our consciousness, to have a quieter inner dialogue, to feel peace and one pointedness. Practice leads us to unity of thoughts and actions, gives us a sense of cleansing the mind and provides us inner silence. It offers us guidance, creates non attachment, and insures better mental and physical health.

Receive the fullness of your practice.

Finishing Asanas

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