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Pranayama Sequence

Once you get the feel for quality of breath and the bandhas you can practice this pranayama sequence.

in with 3 ujjayi breaths (3 full breaths with sound)

I. Baya kumbhaka - exhale retention

Take a deep breath in and then exhale fully. Hold the exhale. Engage mula bandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandara bandha. gin with a 5 second hold and build from there. Repeat 3 times

3 ujjayi breaths

II. Antara kumbhaka - inhale retention

Take a full inhalation and hold. Engage the bandhas. Begin with 5 second hold. Repeat 3 times.

3 ujjayi breaths

III. Antara kumbhaka and baya kumbhaka

Inhale fully and hold 5 seconds. Exhale and hold 5 seconds. Engage all three bandhas. Repeat three times.

As your abiliity to control your breathe improves, increase the seconds of the holds.

Lay down and rest at the end to integrate the pranayama practice. Feel the effects on your body and mind.

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