The primary series

the vinyasa

In the primary series the vinyasa links the postures together in a flowing series of movements. It helps to maintain the heat as well as realign the body between postures. The full vinyasa is basically one A-salute, coming to standing between postures. For the purpose of this manual we will practice vinyasa between the two sides (right, left) without coming to full standing in between. If you want to work on building strength or increasing the heat, practice full vinyasa, coming to standing between each side of a posture. The first vinyasa is introduced in the primary series after Purvottanasana.

vinyasa to jump back

1. From sitting, with palms on floor, cross ankles and lift up.

2. Exhale, swing legs back through arms to Chaturanga Dandasana (if this defies all laws of gravity for you, begin by just lifting your body up and moving in the direction of bringing your legs back through your arms and then step back).

3. Inhale to upward facing dog.

4. Exhale back to downward facing dog.

5. Inhale, bend knees and jump legs through arms to sitting with legs extended straight out in front. Again, this is something most of us have to work up to. Begin by jumping crossed legs to arms, then sit and stretch legs out. Progress to coming through with your legs straight.

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