Viparivritta Parsvakonasana Revolving Side Angle Pose

Parivrita=revolved Parsva=side Kona=angle

1. Exhale, turn to right bending right knee directly over right ankle. Bring left elbow on the outside of right knee and place hands in prayer, spiraling chest open to ceiling looking skyward. Use breath to move deeper into the posture lifting belly off of thigh. To revolve even more fully into the posture (level 2 of the pose as indicated in the drawing), reach left arm underneath right thigh and clasp wrist of right arm, always opening chest and lengthening into the twist. To extend into the full traditional pose, place your left hand to the floor outside of your right foot and spiral your right arm over your right ear.

Drishti: sky.

Hold for 5-8 breaths

3. Exhale to other side, repeat 1-2.

Modified posture: back knee on the floor.


*Not in traditional series.

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