Xliii Yoga Mudra Sealed Yoga Posture

1. Inhale, right foot up into half lotus, get heel as close into navel and right foot as high on left thigh as possible.

2. Exhale, left leg over right into full lotus, push knees closer together

3. Inhale, lift left arm up and around to make space before taking it behind back, grasp left foot, push left elbow toward the toe with the right hand to make more room.

4. Exhale, lift right arm up and around to make space before taking it behind back and grasp right foot (you can let go of left foot a moment to enable grasping the right).

5. Inhale, look up, lift chest.

6. Exhale, fold forward, chin to floor.

Drishti: 3rd eye.

Hold for 10-25 breaths.

Modified: sit cross legged, interlace fingers behind back, inhale head up, exhale head towards floor.

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