Xxibhujapidasana Shoulder Pressure Posture

Buja=shoulder Pida=pressure FROM VINYASA

1. Inhale, jump legs around arms, palms on floor (to get farther into pose, take a moment to work shoulders under knees, keep hips lifted).

2. Exhale, sit back, cross feet in front.

4. Exhale, slowly move forward until head and feet are just above the floor. (To modify bring top of head to the floor.)

Drishti: nose.

Hold 5-8 breaths.

Modified: keep buttocks on floor and stretch legs around arms, knees bent, palms flat.

5. Inhale, head up, balance legs on upper arms, extend feet straight out, toes pointed; Tittibhasana - flying insect posture.

Drishti: feet.

Hold for one breath.

6. Exhale, bring one leg at a time back so that knees are resting into upper arms.

7. Inhale, head up, look up, lift mula bandha; Bakasana - crane posture. Drishti: nose. Hold for one breath. Exhale, jump back.


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