Garbha Pindasana

Garbha=womb Pinda=embryo


1. Inhale, fold legs into lotus, right leg first. Bring the feet as high up on the thighs as possible, push knees closer together.

2. Exhale, slip hands through space between thighs and calves so that arms are through legs up to elbows. (Slip right hand through hole first starting with the palm down, then rotate the palm upwards about 1/2 way through, use your left hand to bend right elbow and bring it farther through. Repeat with left hand.) Bend arms and place hands in prayer in front of chest, or place chin in palms of hands.

3. Inhale, rock and roll; roll backwards and forwards in a full circle, backwards on the exhale and forwards on the inhale. Repeat roll 9X.

Drishti: straight ahead.

Modified: hold either crossed legs into chest or just bend knees and bring knees into chest, then rock and roll around in circle. Note: Spray insides of elbows and knees with water to facilitate posture.

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