Supta Padangustasana Reclining Big Toe Posture

Supta=reclining pada=foot angustha=big toe JUMP THROUGH TO LAYING DOWN ON BACK

1. Inhale, bring right leg up holding onto right big toe with first two fingers and thumb of right hand. Leg should be as vertical as possible. Place left hand on left thigh, head down.

2. Exhale, lift up so chin comes to right knee. Drishti: toe.

Hold for 5-8 breaths.

Modified: right hand on shin or behind knee.

3. Exhale, head down. Take right leg out to the side, bring heel to floor, turn head to look over left shoulder. Left hand on left thigh, legs straight. Drishti: far to left.

Hold for 5-8 breaths.

4. Inhale, bring right leg back to center, holding onto big toe with both hands.

5. Exhale, chest to thigh, chin to shin. Add a split at end, pulling leg to floor over head.

Drishti: toe. Hold for I breath.

6. Inhale, head and leg down. Repeat other side.

Chakrasana* = wheel pose, backward roll into vinyasa

From lying on back place palms on floor by ears with fingers pointing toward shoulders. Bring legs overhead, engaging the bandhas, pointing toes in the direction you are moving. Maintain jalandhara bandha (chin lock) as you bring legs all the way overhead, rolling over so head comes through arms and you end up in a phnk posithn. From there move right into chaturanga, upward dog, downward dog, and then through to sitting for next posture.

* This is best learned with an instructor before practicing.

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