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The Astral World

It but little, preferring the word state, for a plane is really a state rather than a place - that is, any one place may be inhabited on several planes. Just as a room may be filled with rays of the sun light from a lamp rays from an X-ray apparatus ordinary magnetic vibrations air, etc., etc., each acting according to the law of its being, and yet not affecting the others, so may several planes of being be in full operation in a given space, without interfering with each other. We cannot go into detail regarding the matter, in this elementary lesson, and hope merely to give the student a good working mental conception, in order that he may understand the incidents and phenomena of the several planes comprising The Astral World. Before going into the subject of the several planes of the Astral World, it will be better for us to consider some of the general phenomena classified under the term astral. In our Sixth Lesson, we have told you that man (in the body) , in addition to his...

Ultimate Yoga Yoga of the Inner World

The practice of phase states of the mind (ultimate yoga) is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of lucid dreaming , out-of-body experience and astral projection have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This textbook gives each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about - a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds. This book is for pragmatic people who are not used to taking anything on faith or reading about empty theories. The book only deals with what works in practice, and nothing else.

Approach To Literature

Literature of every sort has always been the main vehicle for disseminating information about the phase state. The phase phenomenon is referred to by other terms astral projection, out-of-body travel, or lucid dreaming. In addition to disseminating information, many books are often vehicles for disseminating fallacies.

The Concept Of Techniques Involving Becoming Conscious While Dreaming

Techniques for becoming conscious in a dream differ very much in nature from other techniques, and there are good reasons why these methods are differentiated from other practices, like so-called astral projection or out-of-body experience (OBE). However, their characteristics differ very little in terms of results.

Telepathy And Clairvoyance

Degree of psychic power enabling them to see with their astral vision these poor reflections, distorted and uncertain, by reason of the waves and ripples on the body of the lake of astral light. There are higher planes of power whereby a few in each age have been able to see partially into the future, but such powers are far above the poor astral plane faculties, which although quite wonderful to the untrained occultist, are not so highly viewed by those who have progressed well along the path. We almost regret to be compelled to pass over this part of the subject in so few words, and with a mere hint of even the small particle of the truth vouchsafed to even the advanced seeker of the way. But we know full well that all will receive the light needed by them, just the moment they are ready - not one moment later - not one moment sooner. All that can be done is for us to drop a word here - a hint there a planting of the seed. May the harvest come soon and be a rich one.

The Sixth Lesson Telepathy And Clairvoyance

Occultists, however, know that man has other senses and faculties than those taken into consideration by material science. Without going too deeply into this subject, and confining ourselves to the purposes of this lesson, we may say that besides the five physical senses he has five astral senses (counterparts of the physical senses), operating on the astral plane, by which he may see, hear, taste, and even

The Constitution Of

Man is a far more complete being than is generally imagined. He has not only a body and a soul, but he is a spirit possessing a soul, which soul has several vehicles for expression, these several vehicles being of different degrees of density, the body being the lowest form of expression. These different vehicles manifest upon different planes, such as the physical plane, the astral plane, etc., all of which will be explained as we proceed.

Metaphysics Of The Inner

The Physical body, the astral body, Prana, intellect or Buddhi, the instinctive mind, the spiritual mind and the spirit are the seven principles of man. Buddhi is pure reason. The seat of Buddhi is just below the crown of the head in the pineal gland of the brain. Buddhi is manifested only in those persons who have developed right intuitive discrimination or Viveka. The ordinary reason of the worldly people is termed practical reason, which is dense and has limitations.

The picture on the left shows souls having their common roots and source in

Each spiritual body contains the essence of present and previous incarnations of that particular human being. All the spiritual Bodies shown left are part of each individual physical body. Color filled circles are Chakras. Chakras are operating on all different levels of the spiritual being of mankind, but some of the Chakras are predominant during certain evolutionary steps of mankind. The lower 7 Chakras are the most important during the period of physical incarnations of a human being. At present most people on earth being able to see the aura of beings have a limited aura sight of the astral body, some may see the mental body or even causal body. The remainder is most often only seen as light. But of course even all higher spiritual bodies have a huge variation of vibration, but of a much higher frequency. Each body may be considered a container that stores the essence of a particular evolutionary part of that being. The Astral body is used for physical life to create emotions and...

How can we achieve this goal

Some spiritual traditions practice meditation by concentrating on emptiness. This is quite difficult, because there is no emptiness in the entire creation. So these person applying successfully this method often are hanging between two centers of consciousness, i.e. between physical and astral body, being neither in physical nor in astral body. Or between astral and causal body, again being neither in astral nor in causal body. You may somehow compare it to the gear of a car. The normal procedure is to move from one center up to the next higher until you are one with God-consciousness. Like shifting in a automobile from 1st gear to 2nd and 3rd up to the highest one when accelerating. Like in a automobile before shifting to the next higher gear, a driver usually accelerates to a certain speed before shifting to the next gear. A similar principle works in meditation. Before you can move from one center of consciousness to the next higher one, you may definitely need to increase the...

More Terms Youll Want to Know

Astral body The vehicle of the spirit, corresponding with the mind higher than the physical body, but below the causal body. causal body The subtlest body, it houses the spirit higher than the physical and astral bodies. physical body The lowest of the three bodies, the physical body is the body we see the other bodies are the astral body and the causal body.

The metaphysical physiology of Kriya Pranayama

Kriya Pranayama is the most important of all techniques of Kriya Yoga. In this chapter, we have a look on the physiology of this holy technique. How it affects or improves the quality of your metaphysical body, i.e. causal body, mental body, astral body. Of course if your light-bodies raise their vibration, your physical body will be affected accordingly.

Magic words and thoughts

A soul as a being of Divine light is conscious and aware, more than any physical being ever can be. A soul always is a being of light in the custody of the Divine, so you are always in safety, whatever you do, where ever you are. You have a physical body and an astral body like many people have a car or a TV. But you and your car are two different things. Your personality including your present physical body and your soul are different things in the ocean of absolute light. Your present personality with the physical body temporary attached to it is like the sun ray shining through the cloudy sky. Nobody can grab hold of a sun ray. It appears and disappears as it is only a manifestation of the sun. Your present personality and physical body are but a ray of your Divine

Beyond The Border

Of life on earth, and can see and hear all that is going on around them, by means of their astral faculties. They cannot imagine that they have passed out of the body, and are sorely perplexed. Their lot would be most unhappy for a few days, until the sleep overtook them were it not for the Astral Helpers, who are souls from the higher states of existence, who gather around them and gently break to them the news of their real condition -offer them words of comfort and advice, and take care of them until they sink into the soul-slumber just as a tired child sinks to sleep at night. These helpers never fail in their duty, and no one who passes out suddenly is neglected, be he or she good or bad, for these Helpers know that all are God's children and their own brothers and sisters. Men of high spiritual development and powers have been known to pass out of their physical bodies temporarily (by means of their Astral Bodies) for the purpose of giving aid and advice in times of great...

Spiritual Evolution

It implies a possible division of the race into two sub-races, one of whom will be possessed of spiritual consciousness, and will move on ahead of the remaining sub-race of slower brothers, who must work up by degrees. But the race will again be united, before it finally passes on from the earth, as it is bound together by the Law of Spiritual Cause and Effect. We are all interested in each other's progress - not only because we are brothers but because our own soul must wait until the whole race develops. Of course the more rapidly developed soul does not have to be reincarnated simply because its slower brother has to do so. On the contrary the highly developed soul spends a long period of waiting on the higher planes of the Astral World while its slower brother works out his evolution in repeated births, the sojourn in the higher planes giving the developed soul great happiness and benefit, as explained in other lessons. Many of these waiting souls, however, choose to sacrifice...

Many ways are leading to

Some of the so called spiritual traditions do certainly aim at totally different goals. Some for example may only lead to an understanding or communication with Astral worlds. The dimension just beyond the physical dimension and still far away from God-Union. Some traditions do teach people to communicate with Astral beings, even obeying Astral spirits. This of course can never be truly called spiritual. True spiritual paths always lead to freedom, Love and God-Union. There are however a number of truly spiritual traditions in many different cultures that meet this criteria.

Cultivation Of Perception

It would surprise many Westerners if they could come in contact with a highly developed Yogi, and witness the marvelously finely developed senses he possesses. He is able to distinguish the finest differences in things, and his mind is so trained that, in thought, he may draw conclusions from what he has perceived, in a manner that seems almost second-sight to the uninitiated. In fact, a certain degree of second-sight is possible to one who develops his sense of Sight, under the urge of Attention. A new world is opened out to such a person. One must learn to master the senses, not only in the direction of being independent of and superior to their urgings, but also in the matter of developing them to a high degree. The development of the physical senses, also has much to do with the development of the Astral Senses, of which we have spoken in our Fourteen Lessons, and of which we may have more to say in the present series. The idea of Raja Yoga is to render the student the possessor...

The Second Lesson The Mental Principles

In our First Lesson we called your attention briefly to the three lower principles of man - i.e., (1) the physical body (2) the astral body (3) Prana, or vital force. We also led up to the subject of the mental principles, which form the fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively, of the seven principles of man.

No Natalya Kozhenova Engineer Shchelkovo Russia

When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I read some esoteric articles on astral projection. They seemed quite interesting to me, but no more than a curiosity - I did not particularly believe in such things. Questions What type of technique did Natalya use What would she have needed to do if her attempt at levitating had been unsuccessful Why was the phase short-lived What should she have done upon returning to her body Why did she use the term astral Were the articles about astral projection of any significant help

The Secret Of Yoga

If the lotuses exist, even on the psychic plane, it is incredible that heaven should have so arranged their petals to correspond exactly to the number of letters used in the Sanskrit text. Whether they exist on the astral or the physical realm they could never be intended by nature to serve the purpose of one particular language to the exclusion of the others. There is no reason why the Chinese characters or Egyptian hieroglyphs or the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians or the script of the ancient inhabitants of the Indus Valley which are at least as old as Sanskrit, do not find any place on the lotuses, if they are really part and parcel of the human body, or even on the astral plane, an etheric or psychic counterpart of it, and not merely imaginary objects intended to convey some purpose about which we are in the dark at present.

Kundalini Yoga An Introduction

After one inhales the prana deep (down to the navel point) and pulls the apana with root lock (up to the navel point) prana and apana mix at the navel center. This is known as Nabhi Chakra or Fourth Vertebra. Heat is felt during the Kundalini awakening and that heat is the filament of the Sushumana or center spinal channel being lit by the joining of prana and apana. Below the Nabhi chakra, the energy leaves the navel and goes to the rectum (or lower center) and then in rises. This is called Reserve Channels. It relates to your Astral Body.

Yogi Philosophy Past Time Clairvoyance

The statement that one may see past events and scenes, even by astral vision, will readily be seen to require an entirely different explanation from that given of simple and space clairvoyance, for in the latter cases the clairvoyant sees that which is actually occurring somewhere at the time it is seen, or at least, a few seconds previous, whereas, in the latter case, the clairvoyant sees something which has occurred, perhaps ages ago, and after apparently all records of it have perished. Ah, that is just the explanation - apparently perished. Occultists know that nothing ever perishes, and that there are in existence on the higher planes of matter, imperishable and unalterable records of every scene, act, thought, and thing that ever existed or occurred. These akasic records are not on the astral plane, but are on a plane far above it, but they are mirrored on the astral plane, just as the sky and clouds are re-

Lesson Vi Telepathy Clairvoyance

Psychic Influence - Personal Magnetism -Mesmerism, etc., explained, with instructions regarding self-protection and warnings against misuse of the Power - A timely lesson upon an important subject LESSON X. - THE ASTRAL WORLD. 189 The Astral World Its Phenomena -The Astral Body - Astral Helpers, etc LESSON XI. - BEYOND THE BORDER. 207

Eastern Body Western Body

Is your body different than the body of someone from a different part of the world Of course not, but different cultures have different theories about the body. The concept that the body and the mind are one is an easy concept for the Easterner. The physical body is merely one of several bodies. It's a temple to house the spirit but should be well-tended and rigorously cared for because of the importance of what it holds. The astral body is the vehicle of the spirit and is maintained through breathing, meditation, and concentration. The causal body is the place where the spirit works. The ego is absent from the causal body, and the spirit can know its true potential here. Ideally, the spirit transcends all bodies and becomes pure consciousness, an individual expression of the divine. To the traditional Easterner, the mind body is sacred, not to be abused, but to be used as a vehicle for the spirit's expression, which results, finally, in enlightenment.

Sylvan Muldoon

Sylvan Muldoon was born in the United States in 1903. He is considered to be the American pioneer in the study of the phase, although he used the esoteric term astral. He inadvertently woke up in the phase at the age of 12, where he saw a cord connecting his perceived body to his real body. Muldoon first thought that he was dying during the experience, although he eventually concluded that this was an instance of astral projection . He had repeated experience with the After coordinating efforts with Hereward Carrington, the famous American investigator of the unknown, the two published the sensational, jointly authored book The Projection of the Astral Body in 1929. The authors published two other books The Case for Astral Projection (1936) and The Phenomena of Astral Projection (1951).

Richard Webster

He is the author of about 50 publications that have sold many millions of copies around the world. However, only one of them, Astral Travel for Beginners, is completely devoted to the phase state. The book is saturated with widespread misconceptions about the phase phenomenon and misguided theories trying to explain it. The technique-related aspect of the book is also presented ineffectively.


It is very difficult for us to speak intelligently of the phenomena coming under the head of Clairvoyance without getting into the subject of the Astral Plane, as Clairvoyance is an incident of the Astral Plane and belongs to that subject. But we cannot go into details regarding the Astral Plane, as we intend to devote an entire lesson to that subject, so we must go on with the subject before us, with the understanding that the student will be given an explanation of the nature and incidents of the Astral

Charles Leadbeater

The combination of a bright mind, scientific knowledge, and interest in the paranormal led him to publish many books on many diverse topics. One of them, Dreams What They Are and How They Are Caused (1898), was one of the first works to touch upon the phenomenon of the phase. Leadbeater's writing is saddled with a ton of esoteric terms and theories. In it, the term astral plane is predominantly used for the phase. Nevertheless, the book is not without some helpful guidelines concerning techniques.

Unproven Effects

Other worlds The phase space is similar to the physical world, and a practitioner may be inclined to think that the soul has left the body. Sometimes the phase takes on an absolutely unnatural form. As a result, the practitioner may decide that a parallel world has been entered the world beyond, the astral plane, mental space, or the ether. Although travel in the phase can lead to many places, this does

The Human Aura

The Aura emanating from the second principle, or Astral Body, is, like the principle itself, of a vaporlike appearance and color, having a resemblance to steam just before it dissolves and disappears from sight. It is difficult to distinguish when it is intermingled with the other forms of Aura, but when the astral body is seen apart from the physical body its Aura may be perceived, particularly if the observer is not open to the vibrations from the principles sending forth Auras of various colors. Those of our readers who have ever seen an astral form, or what is commonly called a ghost' of high or low degree, will probably remember having seen a cloudy eggshape vapor surrounding the more distinct figure of the astral form. This faint, vapor-like, oval cloud was the astral Aura. It, of course, becomes visible to one to whom an astral form materializes.

God Realization

In the beginning of spiritual progress while having a physical body, you start to sense metaphysical energy around yourself, either by seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling or any other form of sensual perception. The energies you perceive may range from aura of beings to the energy of emotions, thoughts, natural energies of objects and the entire creation. This includes perception of beings without physical body, like our ancestors or other Spirits who have left us earlier and may still be around us or visiting us from time to time. Also the appearance of your spiritual guide or angels may start at this point to become visible to you. This all usually is the result of the astral senses becoming awakened and working. Be happy to see more and more of the World beyond By further refining all of your words, thoughts, emotions and deeds, you will gently move to the next level of awareness. You develop soul-consciousness. This usually is the result of proper preparation and meditation or a...

Your own

Most souls are here on earth because they have completely lost conscious awareness of the divine source. The emphasis is on conscious awareness The spiritual ignorance in combination with Maya - the power of illusion and distraction on earth and astral worlds is so huge that you need to be fully aware of it to transcendent it and dissolve all distraction on your path to freedom in God.

NONviolence Ahimsa

When we are talking about going home to God, I mean back to the Divine. This is completely different from just loosing your physical body through a regular death and going to the astral worlds. Our Divine home is in spheres far away from physical density, yet it is right next to you. It is far away by the means of how much effort and changes you may first have to make. At the same time right next to you, because everything around you is made by God and hence is made out of his Holy Spirit. The Divine vibration, in some spiritual traditions called the vibration of OM , dwells inside every soul. The core of every soul, of every person is Divine. Divinity is the absolute truth of you.

Simple Clairvoyance

In order to intelligently understand the several forms of clairvoyant phenomena, more particularly those forms which manifest in what we will call space clairvoyance, i.e., the power to see things at great distances, we must accept as facts the occult teachings (which the latest discoveries of modern physical science are verifying) that all forms of matter are constantly throwing forth radiations in all directions. These astral rays are many times more subtle and fine than ordinary light rays, but they travel in the same manner and are caught up and registered by the astral sense of sight just as are ordinary light rays by the physical organs of sight. Like ordinary light rays these astral light rays move


Clairaudience is the hearing on the astral plane by means of the astral senses. Nearly all that we have said about Clairvoyance is equally true of Clairaudience, the only difference being. that a different astral organ is used. Simple clairaudience is similar to past time clairvoyance even future time clairvoyance has a shadow of a resemblance in clairaudient phenomena the only difference between the two astral manifestations is that they are experienced through two different astral senses. Some

Greed and Stinginess

God knew in advance that some of his children are modifying Divine Love in something less Divine - less pure - and God created the possibility to protect all others who preferred to remain in absolute Divinity by creating the potential possibility to increase mankind's density and shift accordingly the center of awareness into different layers forming bodies of ever increasing density. Some of these bodies are called causal body, astral body or physical body. By shifting the center of awareness to a universe of higher - density, mankind lost contact to its origin and also lost contact to all Divine sisters remaining next to God. Mankind was created as a being of light and free of any body - that means mankind was created as a being of light and Love free of the prisons of a causal body, astral body or physical body. We have been created by God and to God's image. Beings of Love made to love and to be creative with our Love. God made mankind with a partner soul - sometimes called twin...


Mankind without a physical body truly becomes one with each other when having sex in astral or higher spheres. Becoming one with God is but another highly evolved manifestation of pure and Divine Love. When having physical sex with a loving partner, it may create a high potential of love and joy. When doing the same in your astral body, there is even more love and joy that is created and exchanged between the two loving light-bodies. The higher the sphere where bodies are becoming one - the more love and joy may be experienced. During the course of your spiritual evolution, you may learn to transfer your sexual energy into a higher vibration of spiritual energy. The energy from Svadhisthana Chakra may be transformed into energy for Anahata Chakra or even further up. The energy from your physical body may be transformed into energy for your astral body, the energy from your astral body turned into energy for your causal body, and finally into energy for your soul - also called Atman....

Obstacles In Yoga

Those who engage themselves in hot discussions, vain debates, wranglings, lingual warfare and intellectual gymnastics cause serious damage to their astral bodies. Much energy is wasted. The astral body gets actually inflamed and an open sore is formed. Blood becomes hot. It bubbles like milk over fire. Ignorant people have no idea of the disastrous effects of unnecessary hot discussions and argumentations. Those who are in the habit of arguing unnecessarily and entering into vain discussions cannot expect an iota of progress in Yoga. Aspirants must entirely give up unnecessary discussions. They should destroy the impulses by careful introspection. Even the slight annoyance and irritability affect the mind and the astral body. You should not allow these evil modifications (Vrittis) to manifest in the mind-lake. They may burst out as big waves of anger at any moment, if you are weak and careless. They should be nipped in the bud. You should develop the noble qualities of forgiveness,...

Space Clairvoyance

There are several means whereby the psychic or developed occultist may perceive people, things, scenes and events far removed from the observer, and far beyond the range of the physical vision. Two of these means will come under the head of this lesson, the other methods belonging to the higher planes of life, and being beyond the power of any but the adepts and most advanced occultists. The two methods alluded to come, strictly speaking, under the head of space clairvoyance on the astral plane, and therefore form a part of this lesson. The first of these methods consists of what we have described as simple clairvoyance, on an increased scale, by reason of the development of the faculty of focusing upon far distant objects and bringing them to view by means of what occultists know as the astral tube, which will be described in the following paragraphs. The second method consists in projecting the astral body, consciously or unconsciously, and practically observing the scene on the...

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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