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The act of folding over yourself in a pose like Paschimottanasana {Seated Forward Bend) is like retreating into your own personal cave. Distractions recede from your awareness, making way for introspection. Paschimottanasana is also thought to improve digestive function, calm your mind and nerves, relieve headaches and menstrua! cramps, and increase agility in your hips, legs, and lower hack.

Its gifts are many, but for years Paschimottanasana was my husband's nemesis. When Paul began a serious yoga practice in his 20s, he had very stiff hamstrings that barely let him nudge his torso forward. It took months of sitting almost upright with a strap around his feet and diligently lilting his back before he could let go of the strap and catch hold of his feet. That should have been celebrated as a great milestone, but Paul was all too aware that he had a long way to go before he brought a long torso over his legs without hunching his back.

Paul put intense effort into his practice and tried to go deeper in the pose, but it wasn't until he began to apply nonattachment that he could work on Paschimottanasana without a painful struggle. The seemingly opposing concepts of effort or perseverance (abhyasa) and nonattachment (•vairagya) appear early in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra (1.12), and they are often referred to as the two wings ofyoga practice. You need to apply both to find the peaceful stillness that yoga promises. Abhyasa is informed effort with the goal of self-understanding. Vairagya is detachment from the final results of your actions; it involves reflection, stillness, and surrender. For example, it you're sufficiently flexible in the final version of the pose, the entire front

DON'T round your back, drop your efbows, or hunch your shoulders to get your head down.

DO lengthen the front of the torso and pull your shoulders away from your ears.

Use a strap to mate your back concave as you begin to fold forward.

Use a strap to mate your back concave as you begin to fold forward.

pose benefits

Stretches hamstrings and back Relieves menstrual cramps Reduces headache contraindications

Sciatica and lumbar disk problems



Send your elbows out to your sides to broacfen across your chest.

Send your elbows out to your sides to broacfen across your chest.

of the torso and head rest on the legs, But if you're stiff, you may have to surrender rhe idea of taking your head down and instead put your effort into working patiently on folding from the hips and keeping a long spine so that the front and back of your torso lengthen evenly.

When you're able to balance effort and surrender and apply this approach to Paschitnottanasana (or to any other asana), your frustration with your limitations will lessen, and you'll experience the pose's physical ancl mental benefits.

Distracting thoughts ami mental agitation will decrease, and you'll be able to enter your personal refuge, that is, a calm, wakeful state of pervasive attention.

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