Adapting the Diet for the Long Haul

At this point I have lost 5 inches in circumference, 6 1/2 inches from my waist! After my first 40 days on the diet I took one day off. I ate whatever I wanted, some foods I'd missed. I made a very conscious effort to observe how these foods made me feel. Bread made me feel heavy, chocolate mocha made my forehead and nerves tight. I went back on the diet but have been a little looser with it. I added non-fat sugar free desert type yogurts and will occasionally enjoy a special meal with friends.

At one point recently my life came under high stress and I succumbed to a brief binge of addictive overeating. The difference now is, first, my expanded awareness of what I was doing, and second, instead of descending into self-loathing over it I observed its effects and I went right back to the diet. Now I have a tool that I know works. I am now convinced more than ever that balancing my blood sugar was critical to end the food cravings that have always been my downfall in maintaining a healthy diet.

Quick Permanent Weight Loss

Quick Permanent Weight Loss

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