An Invitation to turn Inward

Depression invites us to turn inward so that we can discover the cause and source of our pain and find resolution, freedom and empowerment. Although the basic cause of depression is disconnection from universal love, there are many human explanations that cause us to be depressed. They are all mechanisms to remind us of how we have shut off ourselves from our divine identity and effectively keep ourselves separate from Source.

Some of the most popular ways that we have learned to use to sever our connection with our souls and the Divine include

1. unexpressed and unhealed emotions

2. negative thoughts and limiting beliefs

3. attachments to persons and things that do not promote our identity and enlightenment

4. a lack of purpose and commitment to our own spiritual path and life

5. lack of appropriate outlets for our personal creative expression

6. unresolved conflicts that we let rule our minds and behavior

Some of the above are easy to identify. We know when don't like our job and feel abused in our relationships. However, other problems in our psyche lie outside our conscious awareness. The result is that we think our problem is our depression. However, depression is a symptom of a deeper problem that we can't consciously identify. Our inability to connect with our own self-love and experience our connection with the Divine is the most fundamental of these unidentifiable problems. And even if we identify it consciously, as we are now doing, we cannot access the connection and thus the solution through our conscious rational mind.

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