Bhanda Exercise

• Sit on the heels with the knees spread wide apart, palms on the thighs

• Apply rootlock and relax it

• Apply diaphragm lock and relax it

• Apply neck, tongue and eye locks and relax them

• Pull the locks while holding out the exhale

• Repeat in rhythmic alternation for 3-11 minutes

• Stay very present to the energy movement along the spine

• Notice how the slight movements and adjustment to your position effect the flow of energy

• Apply the same concepts as above - ACTIVATE, ALLOW AND ALIGN

• and, make sure to take the time and attention to really enjoy with is happening in your body!

This bhanda exercise is also an excellent preparation for tantric sex. It allows the sexual energy to move up the spine instead of being expelled.

See also our page about Bhandas or Locks

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