Corrective Practices

The above problems can be corrected in a variety of ways. The first is through attention and intention. We simply choose to be aware of where our energy is and balance it out by mental and physical adjustments including

1. Slightly pulling in our navel point

2. Gently pulling the root lock (muscles at the base of the spine)

3. Breathing in our belly and making sure that the inhale expands the kidney area

4. Initiating movements, including walking from the navel center

5. Inhale before initiating movements. Usually we move and then realize we are holding our breath.

6. Pulling our spine up, especially at the solar plexus so it stays open and not caved in

7. Keeping the sternum up and shoulders relaxed

8. Checking periodically to make sure our head in comfortably over the shoulders and not forward. We can pull it back slightly.

9. Feeling the sensations in our body

10. When we have thoughts, checking to see how they register in our body

11. Standing on two feet and legs, instead of balancing on one only while standing around

12. Lie on the floor with pillows or folded blankets under the spine at the level of the heart and solar plexus.

13. While holding a strap that is at least 3 feet long in the two hands, move in various directions to loosen up the front and back of your body. Learn how to move and strengthen the muscles in the mid back. You can make up a lot of movements, which will feel good and move the energy.

14. Move shoulders, hands, arms, fingers, back. We are often stationary. Inaction creates stagnation of energy. Stand up and shake your limbs. Do shoulder shrugs and neck rolls while you are sitting. Be creative, but stretch and move!

Unite Mind Body Spirit With Yoga

Unite Mind Body Spirit With Yoga

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