Disconnection from our Souls

Depression is a call from the soul to learn how to deal with the emotion of sadness. At the very core of sadness is the message that we are disconnected from our own soul. We have closed off our hearts to ourselves. To deal with sadness we must go within. Sadness is a very personal emotion. We think that events outside ourselves make us sad. But in reality, no one can make us sad but ourselves.

To deal with depression requires embracing our feelings of sadness. We are sad because we are not experiencing the love that we came here to experience in the human form. We must find out why we are not experiencing love. We must learn how to open up our hearts and our psyche to universal love. We must train ourselves to embody this love. This is one of the basic reasons that we come to planet Earth-to learn how to release resistance to love and to fully allow this universal energy to flow through our being.

Depression is one of the means to get our attention and to remind us of this basic human endeavor. Depression is initiated by the soul to oblige us to confront and resolve our inner conflicts that prevent us from experiencing universal love. The alchemy of the soul requires us to transform the energy of sadness into bliss. This is, of course, no easy or carefree process. It doesn't feel good and it takes patience and disciplined work. Welcome to Planet Earth!

We are obliged to experience grief, sorrow, pessimism and loneliness. The trick is that we are not obliged to indulge in these feelings. They are there to teach us. But they are not there to torment us. The key to understanding all these feelings is the realization that they are a reflection of our separation from Source. They are a response to a closed heart. They are generated by a lack of self-love and a fundamental misunderstanding of who we really are. To understand our divine nature we must have the experience of our own soul. We will not love ourselves simply by having someone tell us we are beautiful and great. We have all witnessed how transitory the elation from even honest complements are. For the remedy cannot come from outside ourselves. The remedy is found within our own hearts.

The problem is, of course, that our hearts are closed - blocked off by negative experiences, unexpressed emotions from traumas and bad programming. We must revisit these experiences, express these emotions and reinstall new programming in order to make our way back into the core of our soul where divine love resides. Depression is an invitation to this inner journey. Not the most popular journey, we often choose to avoid it with denial, blame, medication and outward preoccupations. But my observation is that like other soul lessons, some form of sadness and depression never really goes away until we find the gold of divine love in our own hearts. Actually we wouldn't want to be able to totally deny the painful messages and thus avoid the process that produces the alchemy. For we are here to experience love. The human journey ensures that we will be prodded to do what it takes to have this experience.

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