Guideline and Intentions

Here are a few more guidelines or intentions related to giving and receiving that you can use while practicing this meditation.

Manifestation happens in the present. Monitor and align your energies now. Do not wait to give back or to receive. Keep your energy moving at all times.

Monitor and release all should's, obligations, owing, control, manipulation, guilt, fear, and coercion. All of the above prevent us from aligning with and flowing with the universal energies.

Gratitude and appreciation are keys to the flow of prosperity. Gently hold and nurture what you have with gratitude. Everyday enjoy the sacredness and preciousness of your gifts.

Being in the flow tunes us into the ever-changing nature of the universe. Every moment evolves and changes. Let go and move with the spontaneous unfoldment.

Be generic - give and receive love, kindness, purity, and essence energy. Don't be attached to a specific person or situation. If you want to attract a partner, send out and receive love, caring, kindness, sharing, and aliveness.

Ask for what you want, but let go too. Don't suppress your desires, but don't be attached to them either.

Monitor your comfort zone. Give and receive only what you feel comfortable with, then gradually expand your comfort zone.

Be unconditional, unspecific and unlimited. Trust and surrender.

Give to everyone. Make no exceptions. You might exclude yourself.

Feel coziness, peace, warmth, serenity, calmness and satisfaction - this is how we can be found and attract what we want.

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