Healing Expansion and Evolution

Incorporating the following thoughts into your healing ritual and into your general awareness during the day will facilitate your healing process and your contribution to global healing.

Everything is light. Sound is light. We are all reflections of light. And we are light. The more we see everything as light creating light, the more we connect with this reality.

Obviously, there are challenges in life that we do not like and wish to change. One of the most effective ways to create change is to let go of our resistance. Without resistance, change happens quicker and easier. All divine mantras can be used to infuse light into our resistance.

Evolution is the nature of both the human and the cosmic game. God created evolution to not be bored. Creation and evolutions create a dynamic state of stimulation. We are here to learn and transform.

The more we learn, the more we expand. The more we expand, the more light we embody.

The more light we embody, the more we realize that extent to which we are co-creators of our own lives.

The more we release our resistance, the more we participate and the faster we impact creation and evolution.

Clearing our inner space and releasing our resistance aligns us with the light. The more light, the easier it is to get support from the universe. Allowing is the absence of judgment and resistance. Allowing = love. Love is the purity of everything that is, was and will always be. Love includes all. All wants to be included and loved. And so do we all. Start with yourself and see how your love grows to include everyone, the world and the universe.

Musical Versions of Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra

Yogi Bhajan often requests that his classes chant this mantra along with the CD recorded by Gurunam Singh. He asked that we chant to this CD to help heal the traumatic emotions created by the shock of the events of 9/11. He often plays this CD in his home. This recording (and the other CDs by Gurunam) are especially powerful because they combine the science of Kabbalah with the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

At the Summer Solstice Celebration 2002 we chanted to the version from the Circle of Light CD, by Gurudass, formerly of Madrid, Spain. Check this one out! It is divine.

If you prefer an even more lively version of the mantra, the recording by Guru Singh on the Power Mantras CD may be for you.

Mata Mandir has recorded his own version of this mantra on his Self Healing CD - part of his Yoga of Sound series.

Listen to the Real Audio (tm) sound clips before making up your mind. (Real Audio player required.) Then click on any of the pictures to go to the Yoga Technology online store.

Whatever your preference, it is very healing to infuse your environment with these healing sounds by having this mantra playing in the background. I personally go to sleep with the Gurunam CD.

Love to all. Light to all. Peace to all.

Copyright © 2003 - Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. No unauthorized reproduction.


These mantras cut through time and space. Keep in mind that for every constructive spiritual action there is a beneficial reaction. Each one of us carries the power to transform the entire universe for good, in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Therefore, we must use the principle of causality in order to transforms the darkness into light. Now is the time to serve the world.

These recordings are especially powerful because Gurunam has combined the science of Kabbalah with the mantras of Kundalini yoga in producing the CD's



Follow the laws of Kabbalah and take all the guesswork out of the search for a real, lasting and fulfilling loving relationship


"Gurunam's CD also helps with depression and calms pets. My cat is FIV positive, and whenever she shows signs of getting ill, I play this CD for her. I think it helps (she is alive and well after being diagnosed with FIV in 1991!). Play it for yourself and your animals who feel your stress!"

"I was on the Yoga Technology site last night and came across the Ra Ma Da Sa CD by Gurunam. I played the small clip. A few minutes later I realized the sample was over but I could still clearly hear the music! I had never heard this music before but really recognized it deeply within me. One of the suggestions for me to do daily to help increase my pranic energy is to listen to this or chant daily. Last night when I went to bed I heard the music clearly as what I heard on the CD for over two hours. I could feel it vibrate throughout my body. Even right now the music is playing again inside me. I can hear it clearly and feel its vibrations."

| ..■ i m. . ... I. - ■ PL*■« .-"H1 v.


Ground-breaking! Gurunam has created a unique synthesis of the most powerful teachings of the Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga.

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

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