Infinite Experiences

The practice of Kundalini yoga will open you up to lots of new experiences. You may feel tingling in your body. You may have experiences related to cleansing of your physical body and subconscious mind. Your awareness will expand and you will be aware of more thoughts, insights, feelings and sensations.

I get letters asking my opinion about what someone has experienced. I do not give my opinion or interpretation of what someone else has experienced. My advice is to be with your experiences. They are yours for that moment and they will change. KY is about self discovery. Enjoy and savor your own journey.

My generic answer to "What's happening?" is one or more of the following -(1) movement of energy,

(2) energetic alignments and adjustments,

(3) releasing of old programs and clearing of the subconscious mind,

(4) physical and emotional cleansing,

(5) expansion of conscious awareness of your true identity and

(6) establishing connection with the divine.

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