Keep It Simple

Cultivating and surrendering to the Zone is actually a simple process. STEP ONE

Do a KY set or exercise. Stop after each exercise and listen, look or sense inward. Turn your attention to the sensations in your body. Continue until you can hear the infinite sound, see and be in your inner space, see a light at your third eye or in any other way perceive a sound, sight or sensation that is always there when you turn your attention to it. Keep doing this. Over time you will have a place to go to that feels secure, comfortable and peaceful. Ideally we want to always be conscious of this place, feeling or sound.


Be aware of "What you are searching for or doing that you think is going to get you what you think you want." What we need to do here is create an attitude shift. First we must identify what our mind is doing. What is the intention of our mind? Are we trying to do something to get something? This does not mean that we will stop doing things. This means that we shift our intention and focus while we are in action and in meditation. When we make this internal shift, we operate without the mental resistance or control trips. We can train ourselves to listen to the cosmic sound or relax into the cosmic zone while we are carrying out our daily activities. Our attitude and our projection automatically changes. Energetically we join the universe instead of pushing against it.


It is appropriate to have goals. It is not appropriate to be obsessive about what we think we want or what we think will makes us happy or successful. One clear statement, written or oral, is enough to communicate with the universe. Repetition and compulsive attention on what we want projects neediness and separates us from the universal flow through control trips. Our thoughts get in the way. We need to listen, not to talk. Specific requests also limit our options. The possibilities available to us are infinitely greater than our minds can conceive.

If we do have requests and prayers we can state our intention before our meditation. But we must shift our attention to our energetic experience during the meditation. We should use the concentration power of our mind to focus on infinite experiences. While doing any chanting meditation, chant to the sound, the space or the light. Don't try to control what will happen. Do your best to be with what is happening in the moment. Join the sound or the space. Merge with it. Integrate your actions, voice and sensations into the cosmic presence. Hold this experience in your body.

Through mental attention and physical sensation awareness, we participate with the universe as co-creators. We collaborate. When our attention is on infinite experiences, as we perceive them in our own awareness, our energy integrates with universal energies. When our attention is inward instead of outside ourselves, we attract through our magnetism. This is a more efficient and productive way of getting what we want and need.

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