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One of the goals of yoga is to balance the five tattvas. The tattvas are the elements that make up our human existence and indeed all life - AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH AND ETHER.

The elements are related to the chakras. Each chakra embodies the energy of one or more elements.

The astrological signs each embody the energy of one of the elements. When we work with the energies that are available at any specific time, it is easier to tune into, align with and tap the energy of that element.


The practice of Kundalini yoga will automatically facilitate our alignment. However, the actual performance of the exercises or asanas is only half of our practice. The other half is the development of our awareness. We must practice focusing our mind on what we are feeling, thinking and experiencing in order to cultivate a deeper experience of reality and ourselves. It is through our mental focus that we develop our sensitivities to energies. It is through our attention that are able to participate in the process of our own alignment, healing and relaxation. It is by listening that we hear the voice of our soul, our intuition and receive the answers to our prayers.

I practiced Hatha and then Kundalini yoga for many years before I realized that I must sit still and be with what was going on with my thoughts, body, and emotions in order to make conscious shifts especially in my mental and emotional states. The Buddhists call this attention mindfulness. The experience of being with our fears and resistance in our bodies is not comfortable. We have trained ourselves to avoid feeling uncomfortable at all costs. Unfortunately the price we pay is very high. We lose our power to what remains unconscious.

We often think that we just have to do more yoga or more chanting and all our disfunctions will all go away. Our issues do not simply all disappear. Some do. And that is wonderful. But many require our conscious awareness, and choice, in order to be changed and transmuted. Kundalini yoga and meditation bring our issues into the light so we can choose to release them and move on.

Beyond releasing negative patterns, resistances and thoughts, there are infinite possibilities of consciousness. The more we cultivate our awareness, the more we experience and the richer our lives become.


I am integrating the knowledge of astrology with the Kundalini Yoga Training because it gives us guidelines on how to focus our awareness and expand our consciousness.

For those of you who do not have teachers and classes in your area, the guidelines on how to tune into energies will be especially valuable. Remember many yogis in the past went to a teacher to receive one meditation and then went away by themselves for up to 12 years to practice and perfect it before returning to the teacher. The spiritual journey is an inner journey. All the techniques are to coax us to go within and find the universe within ourselves.

In the last two New Millennium Being Newsletters, I have set out guidelines for tuning into Taurus and Earth energy. I have also given a meditation by Yogi Bhajan to practice during this time. The Har Har Gobinde meditation is actually a warrior meditation that was used to prepare soldiers for battle. Below I am including the Tune in to Taurus and the Meditation again. After practicing it for 11 minutes, simply sit or lie quietly and tune into and feel the energy as it pulses through your body. Listen within. And enjoy the moment.

Life is rich, elegant and beautiful. May you be blessed to enjoy every moment of it.

Sat Nam, Gururattan Kaur


The energy of each sign lives within each of us and awaits (or demands) activation and alignment. During the month of May, when the frequency of Taurus is so abundantly available, we are both obliged to learn Taurus lessons and blessed to receive her gifts. Tuning into the energy of the Taurus is the best way to take full advantage of the opportunities available at this time.

How do we tune into Taurus energy? It is going to be hard not to this year. It is so all-pervasive. Taurus makes us slow down. Stopping is a great start! Taurus energy also grounds us and helps us be very present in our bodies and aware of the sensations in our bodies. Slowing down, being present and feeling the sensations in our bodies will help us further refine our sensitivities to Taurus energy. By anchoring our awareness in the strong, steady and sensuous Taurus energy, we synergize with it. The more we can make this a meditation and a non-verbal experience, the more we will get to know Taurus within ourselves.

To help tune into Taurus energy we simply be present to the effects of gravity on our body. We can also recall some of the main attributes of the Bull, which include stable, loyal, patient, sensual, indulgent, stubborn, resistant, immovable, lazy, slow and attuned to the natural world. Our goal is to allow ourselves to experience these energies and then to work with them and allow them to nurture, sustain and teach us. The above attributes are all expressions of the same primal Earth and desire energies that bring substance to our existence.


Taurus is the Earth element, so during your meditation be sure to bring your attention to your root chakra. You may even feel the energetic roots from your first chakra connecting to the Earth. We want to establish an experience of rootedness and a secure foundation in our body. This is accomplished by simply being present TO the sensations in our body.

The use of symbols can be useful--like relating to yourself as a tree or rock-- stable, solid, immovable. I like meditating with a heart-shaped rock I found on the beach near my feet. If these props actually facilitate tuning into the solid, peaceful, totally accepting nature of the Earth energy, they can be very useful. Visualizations that keep our attention in the mind and out of our bodies are distractions. Of course, meditating or walking in nature is the best.


Taurus is also desire energy. To tap it and make the best use of it, we have to experience it in its most primal form before it becomes an emotion or a commotional story. Meditating on yourself as a flower can help stimulate a feeling of self-love. Taurus teaches us that one of the highest forms of healing is available through self-love.

In its purest form, desire energy translates into charisma and magnetism. To cultivate desire energy we again have to focus on the sensations in our bodies and practice loving what we are feeling. This helps us contain our energy, which makes us a magnet. Being present to the peaceful Earth energy and indulging in how wonderful it feels to be at peace in our bodies is a great way to cultivate presence and power.


Uranus and Aquarius specialize in surprises and serendipity. Although fortuitous events may appear as good luck and misfortunes may seem like bad luck, there are no simple coincidences in the universe. Every event, every person and every breath are connected in the cosmic web. The connections are usually invisible to our untrained eye and escape our attention because we live behind the cosmic veil and are unconscious of how the universe works and even how we ourselves impact everything with our actions and thoughts.

Earthy Taurus energy gives a chance to slow down and be silent so we can intuitively tune into the intricate and awesome interconnections that link us with universal energies.

When we slow down, we can get in touch with our true values and what we really want. Like the Bull, we can chew and digest life. And then we can simply be present and enjoy it.


The New Moon always begins a new annual cycle in one of the twelve signs. Joined by the Sun and this year Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, we definitely have a chance to initiate a new cycle in relationship to Taurus energy, issues and opportunities. The New Moon is the best time to start a project or spiritual practice. Yogi Bhajan has given the following meditation to do during this period of time-while the Planets are in Taurus, to be able to deal with the intensity of the energy and the challenges during the shift to the new millennium and the Aquarian Age, and to be successful.

This meditation has 40 sounds. It effects the 5 tattvas (air, water, fire, earth, and ether), the 7 chakras and the arch line. This mantra can penetrate into anything and help avoid misfortune. It has the power to break through any resistance or obstacles. It is sacred but it is not secret.

HAR, HAR, HAR, HAR - repeat before each of the following mantras

Pump the navel center (below the navel) with each Har. Use the tip of the tongue. Chant in a monotone, enunciating clearly each syllable or chant to a tape.

GOBINDE - Go bin day--Sustainer

MUKUNDE - Mu kun day--Liberator

UDARE - Oo dar ay--Enlightener APARE - A par ay--Infinite HARING - Har e ung--Destroyer KARING - Kar e ung--Creator NIRNAME - Nir na may--Nameless AKAME - A ka may--Desireless

Choose one of the following mudras (hand positions) and do for 40 or 90 days for 11 minutes.

Thumb touching Jupiter finger (index) - to remove all obstacles

Thumb touching Saturn finger (middle) - for inner purity

Thumb touching Sun finger (ring) - for health, prosperity and friendship All the resources that you need will come to you.

Thumb touching Mercury finger (little) - for clear communication

A great version of this mantra can be obtained from Yoga Technology - contained in the Blissful Spirit CD by Gurunam

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