Sat Nam Seed Mantra

One of the features of Kundalini yoga that makes it so powerful is that we do several things simultaneously. We (1) breathe, (2) internally chant and (3) move (4) in a particular posture or Asana.

The internal chant that we mentally vibrate is SAT NAM. As we breathe, we mentally inhale SAT. As we exhale we mentally vibrate NAM. Listen to the sound Saaaaaat and Naaaam in your mind.

SAT NAM is a Bij Mantra or a "seed sound." Chanting Sat Nam is like planting a grain of sand in an oyster. Our truth gathers around the grain. Over time, as we accumulate our gifts and gather our true essence into our consciousness, we become the pearl of Self.


SAT means Truth, unchanging universal truth. It is the vibration that is ever-present. NAM means name, identity, to name, to call upon, to identify with. SAT NAM means "Truth is my identity."

When we chant Sat Nam (out loud or internally), we resonate with our true identity, with our own truth.

Greeting others with the salutation Sat Nam, we acknowledge the other's true identity and our mutual divine identities. 3

Sat Nam is a potent affirmation and a powerful way to cleanse the mind of negative programming. Over time our minds tune into and resonate with who we really are and believe our soul instead of our limited ego. Sat Nam is inner psychology at work.

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