The Biochemistry of Love

The good news is that there is something that we can consciously do to cultivate this connection. Yoga and meditation were designed to cultivate the inner connection with our soul. Meditation is medication for the soul. In a very real way meditation is a medication because it changes the biochemistry of our body and brain. All life experiences are dependent upon our biochemistry.

Human consciousness is biochemical. The human psyche is an expression of biochemistry. Biochemistry makes our different human experiences possible.

The pivotal question thus becomes how can we impact and change our biochemistry? For as we change our biochemistry, we change how we feel. We change how we think. And we change how we perceive what we experience. It is very easy to monitor how we change our biochemistry. How do you feel after you have eaten sugar vs. had a balanced healthy meal?

There are many ways to change our biochemistry. They include diet, physical activity and exposure to light. We can also change our biochemistry with nutritional supplements, herbs and chemical medication. The good news is that we do not have to become dependent upon chemical medication to deal with depression. The good news is that we can also change our biochemistry through yoga and meditation.

Yogi Bhajan has given us Kundalini yoga and specific meditations to change the biochemistry of our bodies and brains. These practices promote pleasurable states of being - joy and bliss. We feel happy for no apparent reason. This happens because the channels of the brain that connect us with higher states of experience and love are accessed and opened. As we practice these exercises and meditations, we experience who we are really are. We open up a field of consciousness within ourselves whereby it becomes easier, or at least possible, to confront the hidden agendas that we have allowed to cut off our divine connection.

These exercises and meditations are powerful tools for breaking up the stuck energy in our bodies and psyches that have so tenaciously created and maintained separation and depression as a status quo. An initial goal is to stop and then reverse the descent into deeper states of immobility, self-abuse and pain. The meditations then create a safe inner space of acceptance, which allows us to look at how we disconnect and then be able to reverse the process. Over time we generate an ongoing experience of our own inner light and connection with our own soul.

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

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