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The goal of Kundalini yoga and all spiritual technologies is to create a conscious connection with the Divine. Yoga means union. The union is between our physical reality and god-

consciousness, universal energies and our soul. The practice of Kundalini yoga removes our blocks and resistances, raises our energy to higher frequencies and opens our awareness to expanded realities. If we train ourselves to focus our attention on our goal of union, we can facilitate our transformation. The goal of this lesson is to set out guidelines on how we can train ourselves to pay attention to and hold the experience of the infinite in our consciousness. Masculine and Feminine Talents

Human development is dominated by learning how to be in control, take action, initiate and be responsible for our lives. These masculine talents are critical pieces of our maturation process. Basically we learn what we have to do to get what we want. An infant cries to get fed. As a young child we learn to ask for what we want. If our direct requests are not fulfilled, we learn to manipulate others and situations to get our needs satisfied. Later we learn to earn a living and integrate the concept of exchange into our survival strategies.

In the process of learning the masculine talents of asking, earning and exchanging value to get our needs met, the feminine skills are often neglected, undervalued and misunderstood. In a male-dominated world, the feminine concept of surrender is often misinterpreted as giving up and giving in. This is because we feel like victims of unknown forces beyond our comprehension and known forces beyond our control. The result is a sense of resignation, powerlessness and even hopelessness.

Surrender, the ultimate feminine skill, requires letting go of control at a very deep level, mentally, emotionally and physically. Authentic surrender releases us from our limited thoughts and produces an openness, which facilitates our connection with universal forces. Inauthentic surrender creates more, instead of less, resistance.

If we cultivate only the masculine "action" talents necessary to live on planet Earth and do not cultivate the feminine "being" talents, our actions are sabotaged by an ego-dominated mind and a needy, helpless subconscious. Negative and counterproductive interpretations of feminine concepts (trusting, letting go, relaxing) are the natural result of not cultivating a relationship with our Soul, God or universal energies and not having a direct experience of Spirit or the Divine. Without a personal experience of what we are surrendering to, surrender is impossible. There is a void in our psyche, which by default is filled by fear. Fear prevents us from trusting, letting go and surrendering.

If a male-dominated mindset pervades our being, it will also determine how we carry out our spiritual practice. It is legitimate to do yoga and meditate to achieve certain results. Specific meditations and kriyas produce specific effects. However, we must avoid turning our practice into a bargaining tool. If we do a particular meditation to buy results, our prayers become begging sessions to a bigger than life daddy version of God. If we observe our mind and our thoughts, we can monitor our conscious and hidden intentions.

By altering our attitude and our attention, we can shift our relationship with universal forces from plea bargains to participatory co-creation. It is actually pretty simple. To cultivate this shift in consciousness, it is important to understand the masculine and feminine aspects of spiritual practices and how to appropriately integrate and utilize both.

Masculine talents include attention, focus, action and discipline. The masculine is about doing and keeping up. Doing our daily Sadhana and KY is the masculine aspect of our practice. The principle masculine goal is to focus our mind on the infinite.

Feminine talents are relaxing, letting go, listening and surrendering. Between each exercise we relax, allow the energy to circulate and feel the sensations in our body. We are simply present to what IS. The principle feminine goal is to cultivate an ongoing relationship with the infinite in our body.

The ascent up the chakras opens our experience of the infinite. This is the masculine path. The descent down the chakras, which brings spirit into physical form, is the feminine path.

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