With the Millet Tofu Diet by Devinderjit Kaur

Due to popular demand, we are sending you the first version of the Millet Diet as written up by Devinderjit Kaur or Peggy Sue of the Kundalini Yoga List. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to her directly at [email protected] and cc me - [email protected].

This diet is specifically recommended for losing weight and for getting rid of addictions to sugar. Millet is an Earth food in the system of elements. Eating millet will thus, over time, help release the craving for sugar. Also note that not enough protein creates sugar cravings. So include other protein if you cannot eat tofu or soy.

We would also like to suggest Ravi Singh's Fat Free Yoga video which contains four 17 minutes sets that are fairly easy to do.

Ravi told me that many women swear by this video and claim that they have lost up to 15 pounds in one month practicing with it every day.

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Other health related information and meditations to release addictions can be found in my book Relax and Renew

So for those who checked "lose weight" on your KY Training questionnaire and wish to give up sugar, give it a try.

To your good health!

Sat Nam and Peace,

Gururattan Kaur

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