Biofeedback Mastery

Biofeedback Mastery

Have you ever wondered what Biofeedback is all about? Uncover these unique information on Biofeedback! Are you in constant pain? Do you wish you could ever just find some relief? If so, you are not alone. Relieving chronic pain can be difficult and frustrating.

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The Origins of the Himalayan Institutes Teachings on Yoga

Swami Rama arrived in the United States in 1969. He quickly gained recognition in his role as a research consultant to the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas. He amazed the scientific community by demonstrating that he could control the functioning of his autonomic nervous system and brain. At the Menninger Foundation, Swami Rama demonstrated that it was possible to stop the heart while remaining fully lucid.3 The results of these experiments revolutionized the way in which the medical community views the functioning of the human being and serve as the basis for the now widespread knowledge about so-called yogic powers. Two books have been written on his work at the Menninger Foundation Swami (Himalayan Institute) by Doug Boyd and Beyond Biofeedback (Rinella Editorial Services) by Alyce Green.

Deepening Relaxation

Even if the somatic and autonomic systems are not creating obstacles, the mind may still be active, and this too can prevent deep relaxation. It has been documented that when the body is relaxed and the subject purposely entertains extraneous thoughts, a biofeedback monitor keeping track of skeletal muscular activity reacts immediately showing clearly that quieting the mind is just as important to relaxation as quieting the body.