In Kiai-jitsu, a Ninja directs psychic, sometimes telekinetic force through the sonic capabilities of the voice. This technique is often used in connection with Retsu and Phase 1 of positive breathing.

The effects of Kiai-jitsu will vary according to a Ninja's level of proficiency and are hard to understand by the average person. But just as certain sounds and pitches can cause discomfort and headaches, sound coupled with psychic energy can be used to hurt, stun and even kill enemies. At first a novice will only be able to cause an opponent to hesitate, but his hesitation can provide an opening for attack or escape. At best a novice will only be able to stun an opponent for a few moments. The ability to use Kiai-jitsu improves along with one's Jumon progress. Ninja masters become so aware of the minds of the ignorant that it is an easy matter to attack their minds with telekinetic power through a touch, a shout (as with the shout art), or even a glance.

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