Positive Breathing

In order to gain knowledge, one must add things. Positive breathing is additive. By increasing one's breathing by varying degrees, a Ninja can accomplish a number of things. First, by increasing the flow of oxygen to the mind and body, a Ninja increases the effectiveness, efficiency and performance potential of the brain and muscles. Positive breathing improves reaction time, alertness, the senses, agility, strength, endurance and thinking. It increases the flow of blood, tightens the bowels and sharpens awareness.

The dangers of uncontrolled positive breathing are severe hyperventilation, edema (a swelling of the brain due to an accumulation of serrous fluid), bursting blood vessels in the brain, collapsed lungs, respiratory failure, or cardiac arrest (heart failure). Any of these may lead to or cause death, but properly used, a Ninja can use positive breathing in connection with Jumon techniques to increase the abilities of the senses, channel inner forces to heal or simply increase physical strength by controlling the flow of adrenalin in the blood stream.

Positive breathing is performed by doubling the neutral breath rate. This is called Phase 1. No other phase of positive breathing will be taught in this manual, as the other phases are dangerous and must be taught by a Ninja Master. As a general guideline, however, until a Ninja's neutral breath rate has become twelve breaths per minute or less, he should breathe at a rate of thirty breaths per minute for Phase 1 of positive breathing. This means that in Phase 1, a Ninja will breathe in deeply through the nose, using the diaphragm, for a count of one second. Then he will exhale through the mouth in the same manner, for a count of another second. He will repeat this, at first, for sixty seconds, making thirty complete breaths. Novices should count silently to themselves during positive breathing, until the proper timing becomes habitual. The following method is suggested:

Think silently

1 second="One one thousand" (inhale) 1 second = "Two one thousand" (exhale) REPEAT

Perform this exercise for one minute and return to neutral breathing. Within moments, the increased flow of oxygen and energy will reach the brain and body. The Ninja may even experience a slight feeling of dizzyness or euphoria, but this will pass with experience. By simply using Phase 1 of positive breathing, a Ninja can accomplish a variety of things. First, positive breathing can eliminate fatigue and drowsiness, allowing him to remain alert and able. Perform Phase 1 every ten to fifteen minutes to shake off tired and sleepy feelings. Ninja have been able to remain wide awake and alert for days in this manner.

Another way that positive breathing can assist a Ninja is by improving his abilities to perform certain tasks. The human brain is much like In and Po; it is divided into two hemispheres. Together, both hemispheres control the mind and body, but separately each half of the brain greatly influences or directly controls some ability, function, or potential of the mind and body. For example, the left side of the brain controls, interacts with, or is influenced by:

1) The right side of the body

3) Temporal reality (the physical plane)

4) True knowledge

5) Solar influences

6) Power

7) Outward flow of energy

8) Knowledge acquisition and retrieval

9) Analytic thought

The right side of the brain controls, affects, or is influenced by:

1) The left side of the body

3) Lunar influences

4) Healing (True Wisdom)

5) Ultimate reality (the spiritual plane)

6) The internal reception of energy

7) Creative, conceptual, holistic thought

8) Psychic energy

9) Intuition

By increasing the flow of oxygen to one side of the brain or the other, a Ninja can increase the powers and influences of that particular hemisphere. To increase the abilities of the left side of the brain, cover the right nostril with the right thumb and perform Phase 1 of positive breathing through the left nostril. Within moments, the left side of the brain will become saturated with oxygen, sharpening its abilities. The same exercise can be performed to enhance the abilities of the right side of the brain by reversing the technique. Cover the left nostril with the left thumb and perform Phase 1 of positive breathing. This will send more oxygen to the right side of the brain, making it more effective.

Positive breathing is important in channeling inner forces, but there are certain dangers. Uncontrolled positive breathing may lead to uncontrolled hyper-ventilation and death. Avoid this risk by performing all breathing components of Jumon hand symbols exactly as they are described. More advanced techniques are also more dangerous and must be taught by a competent Ninjitsu instructor. Under no circumstances should a novice practice or experiment with positive breathing techniques beyond Phase 1 on his own.

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