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Ku, the Void, is the source element of all things. It is the subatomic mass from which all things are derived, and more, it is a spiritual plane, another dimension. It is everything and nothing. This is symbolized by the hand pattern as seen in Photos 2.10, 2.11. Some styles of Ninjitsu do not sign Ku. It can be encountered using neutral and negative breathing. The creative power of the void is centered in the voice box. Meditate on this psychic center of energy.

Ku makes all things possible, it is the ultimate achievement of potentiality. All things are realized. The physical and mental effects are total harmony, total awareness and complete control. Under the influence of this element, the Ninja responds properly to each situation as it arises. There are no negative effects. It is as if the Ninja has reached a higher plane of thinking, existence and enlightenment. This can only be experienced, it is difficult to describe.

With all of these techniques, keep in mind a number of things. First, study them carefully. Second, learn, memorize and practice them. Third, a Ninja should continue to practice them daily until they are ingrained in his psychic pattern. The advantages gained from these techniques are almost useless until their psychic patterns become so ingrained that they can be triggered almost instantly. A Ninja will usually not have time to work into any of these modes. They must be capable of being summoned automatically at the knitting of the hands. Such discipline often requires years of practice and training. Do not become discouraged, total mastery of the Jumon requires a lifetime of dedication. It should not be surprising that the benefits and the ability to perform seemingly superhuman feats come at a high price. Only a true Ninja has the dedication and the patience to complete such rigorous training and achieve such mastery.


Each of the five elements also represent five levels of physical, mental and spiritual development. Each takes a longer period of time to master. To learn to be strong and as unmoving as stone often takes little time. This is the easiest level, the plane to which are are closest. To be fluid, dynamic and adaptable as the sea, can take up to twenty years. To become potentially as explosive and aggressive as fire can take up to thirty years to master. Becoming as wise and benevolent as the wind usually comes late in life. Finally, to reach the spiritual plane of the source element, is to know and master everything. Union with the void often takes an entire lifetime. Masters and Grandmasters achieve this, often when they are very old. A Ninja must concentrate on obtaining mastery of these five levels of knowledge, wisdom and power one at a time, while continuing to practice all five. Constant dedication and practice are required.


The Kuji-kiri

The Kuji-kiri are the symbolic nine cuts of the Ninja used to summon and direct internal energy. The Jumon power grid consists of all nine cuts, performed in a different way, to summon the entire power of all nine. A tenth cut, Juji, is added to complete the cycle, allowing the Ninja to disperse and absorb the summoned power. This section of the manual is divided into two parts: The first part will describe how to perform each of the nine cuts separately and what their benefits are. The second part will describe how to perform the Jumon power grid.


Rin is an extension of the fire element. See Photos 3.1,3.2 to learn how to form Rin. Use neutral breathing with Rin, or Phase 1 of positive breathing, for greater effectiveness. Rin is the symbol for power. It primarily enhances physical power, increasing and directing it, but it also has a secondary function of increasing and controlling mental power. Through Rin, a Ninja gains might, knowledge and the courage to accomplish a task. Rin strengthens both the body and the mind. The disadvantage of the influence of Rin is that it may cause a Ninja to use force where force will not prevail. Strength is useless against superior strength. Uncontrolled positive breathing with Rin may cause heart failure.

Hei represents the ability to focus power. Perform Hei as shown in Photos 3.3, 3.4. Use neutral breathing and Phase 1 of negative breathing. Physical energy can be more effectively directed to do the will of the user, but this is a secondary function. The primary purpose of Hei is to generate psychic power. One of its functions is to mask one's presence and thoughts from others. In conjunction with other techniques, Hei can be used to augment a Ninja telephatic powers. The danger of Hei is that one will often hesitate to use physical force when it is needed.

Toh is a combined extension of earth and water forces. Use neutral breathing, and execute Toh as shown in Photos 3.5,3.6. The physical benefit of Toh is overall good health, from a balance between the solid and liquid states of the body. This is helpful for rest and healing. Mentally, meditation in Toh can yield a greater harmony with the universe. This can be used to become psychically invisible to the untrained mind and at higher levels, a Ninja can learn to control animals. For example, guard dogs will not notice, bark at or attack a Ninja who can master Toh. Toh is used to establish physical and mental balance and harmony. This balance can be used to succeed in the physical world. The danger of Toh is falling into a trance of sublime carelessness and overconfidence.


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