To tap into the power of Sui, the Water element, knit the fingers together as shown in Photos 2.4, 2.5. Maintain neutral breathing. The center of the water mode is in the urinary tract. Focusing on that area of the lower abdomen, a Ninja will be able to develop an awareness of the function and the motion of his bodily fluids. Blood flow, the digestive process and even sweat production can be influenced at advanced levels of mastery in Sui. A trained Ninja, for example, can direct additional nutrients to certain areas of the body to further healing, control a bleeding wound, or even slow the effects of poison.

Physically, the Ninja feels soft, flexible and highly adaptable to change. Mentally, the Ninja is highly aware of his emotions, reacting to the dynamic flow of change in the universe. The feelings seem to be constantly flowing and changing. On the positive side, a Ninja influenced by the water element is able to adapt and react to situations more quickly. The body is limber and responds rapidly. The Ninja is acutely aware of his emotions and those of others. The ability to interact successfully with others is heightened. In the fluid state, there is always a way, but finding the way always requires dynamic action.

On the negative side, when uncontrolled, the fluid state can cause indecision, lack of control or restraint, or even unwanted sexual arousal. It may cause a person to take unnecessary risks or become caught up in his own emotions and lose control of the self through fear, passion, anger or sorrow. A Ninja must avoid the negative and seek the positive. At advanced levels, however, Ninja can use this knowledge to tap into these weaknesses in others.

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