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Begin in Mountain

Raise your arms above

Your arms should be


your head, keeping

shoulder width apart

For information on

your shoulders relaxed

and your palms should

Mountain Pose, see

and down.

be facing each other.

page 120.

This modification of

Mountain Pose stretches

your arms and shoulders.

Keeping your arms above your head, bend your knees and move into Chair Pose.

• For information on Chair Pose, see page 126.

• Chair Pose strengthens your lower body and torso.

Return to Mountain Pose.

Bend your right leg and bring your right knee up until your thigh is parallel to the floor and move into Stork Pose.

For information on Stork Pose, see page 138.

Stork Pose is a balancing pose that helps to open your hips and strengthen your legs, arms and shoulders.

Perform Stork Pose for your other side and then return to Mountain Pose.

Step your right foot

For information on


to the right 3 to 5

Goddess Pose, see

feet and move into

page 123.

Goddess Pose.

Goddess Pose opens your chest and hips, while strengthening your lower body.


Step your right foot

• For information on


Perform Warrior I Pose

forward 2 to 4 feet

Warrior I Pose, see

for your other side and

and move into

page 128.

then return to Mountain

Warrior I Pose.

• This pose can help


increase your stamina

and improve your



Step your right foot

• For information on


Perform Triangle Pose for

to the right 3 to 5

Triangle Pose, see

your other side and then

feet and move into

page 134.

return to Mountain Pose.

Triangle Pose.

• Triangle Pose provides

an intense stretch

along the sides of your

torso, hips and legs.

Extend your arms above your head with your palms facing each other and then bend forward from your hips to move into Standing Forward Bend.

For information on Standing Forward Bend, see page 154.

Standing Forward Bend stretches the entire back of your body, especially the back of your legs.


Lie face-down on the floor with your legs no wider than hip width apart and your palms on the floor under your shoulders.

Slowly curl your spine up to move into Cobra Pose.

Lie face-down on the floor, stretch your arms straight in front of you, with your palms facing down and rest your forehead on the floor.

20 Lift your arms, chest, head and both legs up to move into Front Lying Boat Pose.

• For information on Front Lying Boat Pose, see page 200.

For information on Cobra Pose, see page 196.

Cobra Pose develops strength and flexibility in your spine and lower back.

Lie face-down on the

Lift your right leg

Half Locust Pose is

floor, place your arms

toward the ceiling

beneficial for

on the floor alongside

to move into Half

strengthening your

your body and rest

Locust Pose.

legs and lower back.

your chin on the floor.

For information on

Perform Half Locust

Half Locust Pose,

Pose for your other

see page 202.


Front Lying Boat Pose strengthens your back and helps to develop your stamina and concentration.

Place your hands under

• Child's Pose is a good

Remain in Child's

your shoulders and lift

counter pose for back

Pose until you feel

your body up and back

bends and will help

rested and ready to

into Child's Pose.

release tension from

continue with your

• For information on

your lower back.


Child's Pose, see

page 106.

30 Extend your legs and place your arms out to your sides at shoulder height.

Lie on your back on the floor with your legs extended, your feet together and your arms at your sides.

Flex your right foot and lift your right leg toward the ceiling to perform Leg Raises.

For information on Leg Raises, see page 54.

30 Extend your legs and place your arms out to your sides at shoulder height.

31 Place the sole of your right foot just above your left knee and then lower your right knee toward the floor on the left side of your body to perform Knee Down Twist.

Leg Raises strengthen your abdominals and lower back.

Perform Leg Raises for your other side.


Lying on your back,


Lift your pelvis off

• Bridge Pose increases

bend your knees

the floor to move

the flexibility of your

and place your feet

into Bridge Pose.

spine and stretches

flat on the floor, hip


For information on

your neck, abdomen

width apart.

Bridge Pose, see page 208.

and thighs.


Lying on your back,


Draw your knees

• Little Boat Pose

bend your knees

toward your chest to

stretches and releases

and place your feet

move into Little Boat

your spine, lower

flat on the floor, hip


back and hips and is

width apart.


For information on Little Boat Pose, see page 58.

useful as a counter pose for Bridge Pose.

For information on Knee Down Twist, see page 236.

Knee Down Twist opens your chest and shoulders.

Chair Yoga Practice is a yoga practice that you can perform while seated in a chair. When sitting in a chair for a long period of time, you may find your back, shoulders and neck become tense. This practice can help you relieve this tension, as well as let go of any stress.

Chair Yoga Practice is particularly useful if you need a short break from sitting or if you want to fit a yoga practice into your busy day. For example, you may want to perform this practice if you sit in a chair at work all day or if you are traveling on a plane or train. Chair Yoga Practice is also useful for seniors and people who have trouble sitting on the floor.

Before you begin, you should take a few minutes to focus on breathing and centering yourself and then perform the warm-up shown below. The entire warm-up and practice should take 20 to 30 minutes.

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