Beginner practice continued

Lift your torso to move

Raise both arms to

Make fists with your

into Thunderbolt Pose.

shoulder height in

hands and then rotate

For information on

front of you.

your wrists 3 to 5

Thunderbolt Pose, see

times in each direction.

page 90.

These wrist rotations

help relieve tension in

your wrists.

Place the soles of your

For information

Squat Pose helps

feet on the floor, hip

on Squat Pose,

open your hips, groin

width apart and move

see page 68.

and inner thighs,

into Squat Pose.

while stretching your

ankles and feet.

Lift your hips and then

Move into Mountain

• Mountain Pose can

perform Spinal Roll to


improve your posture,

roll your spine up one

• For information on

stability and balance.

vertebra at a time.

Mountain Pose, see

• For information on

page 120.

Spinal Roll, see page 49.

Bring your palms

• Crescent Moon Pose

Perform Crescent

together over your

is an energizing

Moon Pose for your

head and move into

pose that opens and

other side and then

Crescent Moon Pose.

stretches the sides

return to Mountain

• For information on

of your body.


Crescent Moon Pose,

see page 124.

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The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

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