Blocks are usually 4 x 6 x 9 inches in size and made of either foam or wood. For your yoga practice, you will most likely find two blocks useful. If you do not have a block, you can create your own block by wrapping a hardcover book with tape.

Blocks are helpful when your hands cannot reach down to the floor, such as in a standing twist. You can place any end of the block on the floor to achieve the height you need, but make sure the block is steady. Do not clutch the block, but only rest your hand on it to keep your balance.

Bolsters are cylindrical or rectangular pillows that measure approximately 8 inches high and 26 inches long. They are usually covered with canvas or cotton and stuffed with cotton batting to make them firm. Bolsters are useful if you need a firm surface to prop up or rest your body on. If you do not have a bolster, you can roll up a blanket, stack folded blankets or use a firm sofa or bed pillow.

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