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Interlace your fingers under your right thigh and lift your right knee up toward your chest to move into Seated Knee to Chest Pose.

Position the right side of your body facing the chair back and hold the chair back with your hands at approximately shoulder height.

For information on Seated Knee to Chest Pose, see page 113.

Seated Knee to Chest Pose stretches your hips and thighs while strengthening your back.

Perform Seated Knee to Chest Pose for your other side and then return to Seated Mountain Pose.

Place your right ankle

Gently press your right

Chair Hip Stretch

on top of your left

knee toward the floor

stretches and opens

knee and rest your

to perform Chair Hip

your hips.

right hand just above


Perform Chair Hip

your right knee.

For information on

Stretch for your other

Chair Hip Stretch, see

side and then return to

page 112.

Seated Mountain Pose.

Twist to the right to move into Chair Twist.

For information on Chair Twist, see page 116.

Chair Twist relieves stiffness in your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Perform Chair Twist for your other side and then return to Seated Mountain Pose.

Position your chair

Stay in this pose for 1

close to a table and

to 5 minutes and allow

perform Chair Forward

your body to relax.

Bend, resting your

Observe and become

forearms on the table

aware of your breath

and resting your head

as you hold the pose.

on your forearms.

The sequence of poses in Relaxation Practice will help to relax your body and mind. You may want to perform this practice just before you go to bed to release any stress you may be feeling and prepare yourself for sleep. Performing Relaxation Practice may lower your body temperature, so you may want to wear an extra layer of clothing.

Before you begin Relaxation Practice, you should perform Reclined Warm-Up Sequence shown on page 254. You should also take a few minutes to concentrate on your breathing and centering yourself before you begin.

To perform Relaxation Practice, you will need three blankets and a bolster. Make sure these props are readily accessible so you do not need to go searching for them during the middle of your practice.

After you complete Relaxation Practice, you should spend 5 to 15 minutes in Relaxation Pose as shown on page 242.

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