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Halasana, 224-225 Half Locust Pose, 202-203

as part of Beginner Practice 2, 272 perform with blanket, 203 Half Lotus Pose, 78

alternate hand positions for, 78 as part of Intermediate Practice, 286 perform Prayer Pose in, 78 Half Moon Pose, 148-149

as part of Strengthening Practice, 292 perform against wall, 149 Half Shoulderstand, 220-221

as part of Intermediate Practice, 289 perform

Spinal Rocking to move into, 220 using wall, 221

hamstrings, location on body, 25 Hatha Yoga, overview, 6, 8-9 Head to Knee Pose, 98-99

as part of

Seated Warm-Up Sequence, 253 Stress Management Practice, 283 perform with blanket or cushion, 99 strap, 98, 99

Reclined 230-231. See also Reclined Head to Knee Pose health problems, and practicing yoga, 250 healthy diet, 19 Hero Pose, 92-93

perform with arms raised, 93 blanket, 92, 93 block, 92

Supported Reclining, 246-247. See also Supported Reclining Hero Pose hip bone, location on skeleton, 26 joint, location on skeleton, 27 muscles, location on body, 24 hold, poses, length of time to, 28

home, practicing yoga at, 14 ]_

Inclined Plane Pose, 212-213

as part of Strengthening Practice, 291 perform with knees bent, 213 instructor, yoga, choosing a, 15 Integral Yoga, 8 Intermediate Practice, 286-289 inversions. See also specific pose introduction to, 29

when to perform, in yoga practices, 251 Iyengar, B.K.S., 8, 9 Iyengar Yoga, 8

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