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Iyengar Yoga, established by B.K.S. Iyengar, makes extensive use of props, such as blocks, chairs and straps, to ensure the body is correctly aligned during a yoga pose. Iyengar Yoga also places emphasis on building strength and endurance, encouraging relaxation, increasing flexibility and relieving ailments.


Kundalini Yoga, sometimes referred to as the "mother yoga," was initiated by Yogi Bhajan. When practicing Kundalini Yoga, you practice poses, breathing, chanting and meditation to move energy through your body, specifically through your spine.

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Yoga for You

Yoga for You

Learn About The Healing Art Of Yoga. We need to give more importance to our health and the treatment of diseases. A big number of medicines treat only the symptoms of the disease, and not the base cause. As a matter of fact, the cause of a lot of chronic ailments is still being researched.

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