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Rag Doll Pose, 168-169

as part of

Standing Warm-Up Sequence, 257 Stress Management Practice, 284 perform against wall, 169 with movement, 169 Raised Knee to Chest Pose, 232-233 Raja Yoga, 7

Reclined Bound Angle Pose, 238-239

as part of Relaxation Practice, 281 perform with blanket, 238, 239 bolster or padded block, 239 Reclined Head to Knee Pose, 230-231

perform with blanket or towel, 231 Reclined Leg Stretch, 228-229

as part of Reclined Warm-Up Sequence, 255 perform with blanket, 228 one knee bent, 229 strap, 228-229 Reclined Thigh-Over-Thigh Twist, 234-235 Reclined Warm-Up Sequence, 254-255 perform before

Relaxation Practice, 278 Stress Management Practice, 282 Reclining Hero Pose, Supported, 246-247. See also Supported

Reclining Hero Pose relaxation benefits of, 17 poses. See also specific pose introduction to, 29

when to perform, in yoga practices, 251 techniques

Guided Imagery, 17 Guided Relaxation, 17 Tense-Relax, 17 Yoga Nidra, 17 yoga and, 16-17 relaxation period, in yoga practices, 251

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The Newbies Guide To Yoga

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