Reclined warmup sequence continued

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Bring your knees to

Little Boat Pose stretches

your chest and move

and releases your lower

into Little Boat Pose.

back and hips.

Extend your arms to your sides at shoulder height, with your palms facing down.

14 Lower your knees to the right toward the floor and move into Little Boat Twist.

• For information on Little Boat Twist, see page 60.

15 Repeat Little Boat Twist for your other side.

• Little Boat Twist helps release tension in your lower and mid spine and stretches your chest and shoulders.

16 Return to Little Boat

• This modification of

Perform this modification

Pose and then extend

Little Boat Pose allows

for your other side and

your left leg, keeping

you to stretch your

then return to Relaxation

your right knee bent.

hips independently.


18 Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.

Bring your right knee toward your chest and loop a strap around the arch of your right foot.

20 Straighten your right leg and perform Reclined Leg Stretch. For information on Reclined Leg Stretch, see page 228.

21 Perform Reclined Leg Stretch for your other side and then return to Relaxation Pose.

Standing Warm-Up Sequence helps to warm up your muscles, gently increase the flexibility in your joints and stimulate your circulation, preparing your entire body for your practice. By warming up your muscles, this sequence also helps to avoid injury as you perform

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