Relaxation practice continued

Place your right palm

Stretch to the right to

Perform Seated Side

on the floor beside

move into Seated Side

Bend for your other

your right hip and raise

Bend and stretch the

side and then return

your left arm overhead.

side of your body.

to Easy Pose.

For information on

Seated Side Bend,

see page 82.

Turn your upper body

• For information on

Perform Simple Twist

toward the right and

Simple Twist, see

for your other side

move into Simple

page 84.

and then return to


• Simple Twist helps to

Easy Pose.

increase the flexibility

of your spine and

upper back.

Bend forward from

• For information on

• Easy Pose Forward

your hips and move

Easy Pose Forward

Bend can soothe your

into Easy Pose

Bend, see page 96.

nervous system, which

Forward Bend.

helps clear and calm

your mind.

Move into Table Pose. For information on Table Pose, see page 172.

Make sure your wrists are below your shoulders and your knees are below your hips.

Perform Cat Stretch to improve the flexibility of and circulation in your spine.

For information on Cat Stretch, see page 174.

Return to Table Pose.


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