Seated warmup sequence

You should perform a warm-up sequence, such as Seated Warm-Up Sequence, at the start of every yoga session. If you are performing a long yoga session, you should perform a longer warm-up sequence. If you are a beginner, you may also need to spend more time warming up.

Yoga Warm Sequence

Begin in Easy Pose.

For information

Press your sitting bones

on Easy Pose, see

toward the floor and

page 74.

point the crown of your

head toward the ceiling

to lengthen your spine.

Perform neck stretches to relax your head and warm up your neck.

For information on neck stretches, see page 42.

Perform shoulder

• For information on

stretches to relieve

shoulder stretches,

tightness and tension

see page 44.

in your upper back

and shoulders.

Perform arm stretches to warm up your arms and improve circulation in your upper body.

For information on arm stretches, see page 46.

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