Standing warmup sequence

your practice. When you stretch your muscles in this warm-up, make sure that you do not overdo it.

This sequence is an especially good warm-up for a more physically demanding practice, such as Strengthening Practice shown on page 290.

Begin in Mountain Pose.

For information on

Your lower body

Mountain Pose, see

should feel stable and

page 120.

grounded and your

upper body should

feel light and relaxed.

Position your hands in Prayer Pose. For information on Prayer Pose, see page 48.

Circle your arms out to each side and then bring your palms together overhead to perform arm stretches.

Raise your arms above

Your arms should be

This modification

your head, keeping

shoulder width apart

of Mountain Pose

your shoulders

and your palms should

stretches your arms

relaxed and down.

be facing each other.

and shoulders.

For information on arm stretches, see page 46.

Place your right hand on your right hip and raise your left arm up over your head with your palm facing in.

Lean to the right to stretch your left side.

This is an energizing pose that opens and stretches the sides of your body.

Repeat steps and 6 for your other side and then return to Mountain Pose.

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